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  • itstime4them2go itstime4them2go Sep 19, 2001 8:33 PM Flag

    Insiders selling - seems disloyal to me

    As a stockholder in Staples, it sure would be nice to know what the insiders know, and why they are selling the bulk of their shares. I was looking over my holdings and saw the selling by SPLS insiders. Makes me ill.

    If they need to raise some money for a house, or gifts, etc., okay, but to bail out, sell most of what they own, sorry but I find that unacceptible.

    Anyone else think that insiders (officers etc.) should not be able to sell all their shares in any one year? If they don't believe in the company, have them make a public announcement first, then sell their shares over the next year.

    I saw the same thing in GE, lots of insider selling when it got to 60. But we only find out about it long after they bail out.

    Seems that the retail investor gets burned in the market. Now we have Bin Laden making matters worse.

    This market sucks, and most investors are getting screwed.

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    • The answer may be obvious, but why did all the big mucky-mucks sell a ton of shares on all the same day, Sept. 6? Can someone explain this to me?

    • Wake up there is no such thing as loyality at staples. Cut throat bastards is ll there is. Trust no one I mean no one..

    • I agree..... many companies announced buybacks before trading on Monday. Staples at 12:15 AM, you could see that many insiders registered their shares(alot of them) to begin selling.

      If they bail out, I bail out.
      This announcement today of the new Vice Chairman smells to me of very bad things happening finanically and operationally internally. I am just speculation on that, but seriously what would be the motivation to hire a board memmber to do a strategic job???

      I thing SPLS could become a single digit midget soon in stock price. This means under 10.

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