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  • sickofcomplaining sickofcomplaining Feb 7, 2002 5:07 PM Flag

    What is wrong with you people.

    Wow, you hurt my feelings, take it back you big meanie. I think I might cry....

    Nope, just heartburn. Sorry about that. ;-)

    Whatever, name calling is a bit sophmorish, and just goes to prove my point.

    I guess you haven't worked at too many big companies. Go work for the military as a civilian or a bank or a insurance company. You will love working at Staples. You think what happens here is unique? Wow, step out of your office for alittle while. Better yet, go read other msg boards, more whiners like yourself all over the place.

    I've only worked here 2 years, but I like it enough to defend it. And no, I'm not some associate trash collector either.
    As far as the CARE values, if you need someone to explain those concepts to you, you shouldn't be interacting with people, period.

    "There should not be a 'downside' to any employment"???...

    Give me some of whatever you are smoking, really. I would love to live with your perception of the world.

    Welcome to reality "beachdude".

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