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  • few5 few5 May 2, 2002 12:42 PM Flag

    Looks like were headed up to $27.00eom


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    • For gods sakes, your detail questions are getting me discombobulated. It was not just the (nervous posted) one liner, "In what decade" that got me. His post was ment to be the first salvo fired, with sarcasm, to set off a spar between board posters. So I let him have it. The prick got what he wanted. Now, let's end it. By the way, SPLS on yahoo is $21.21, only $5.79 to $27.00.

    • The fact that he's an idiot doesn't necessarily make him wrong.

      There is the possibility that he could be right. He just wouldn't know it.

      Not Phil.

    • To what other "remarks" were you referring?

      And you still haven't answered the primary question: Why is it OK for you to post a one-line message saying the stock will go to $27, while it's not OK for someone else to post a one-line response that disagrees?

      And since "nervously posting" has been used for years, I'm sure you could point out many other messages in which it is has been used (by people other than you and posted before your post #15941).

      And as for poignant, well come on. You weren't jesting about poignant. You just used the word incorrectly. Ironically, it is exactly the right word, you jest didn't know it.

    • veepeec, the answer to your first question is "no". It was not just the "decade" remark I was responding to. Well, it's obvious you just don't understand the phrase "nervously posting". It has been used for years on yahoo boards. That's where I first heard it. You know, like a "nervously talking person". Second, you didn't catch the fact I used the word "poignant" in JEST.
      To me the word poignant means painfully affecting feelings, touching, deeply moving. I thought their statements were realy "deeply moving". Get it? Sorry all this has gone over your head.

    • get the name

    • Hey all you Staples longs (other than few5 and kenleakmary)....

      How does it make you feel when someone as stupid as few5 is also long?

      Why would anyone want to be on that guy's side?


    • I don't want to step in between the two of you, but....

      few5, you say that your one-line post #15941 was OK because it was "positive," but you say that jgoshus's one-line post #15945 was not OK (you called it "nervous posting," whatever that means). You criticized him for doing the very thing you had just done.

      That's definitely a double standard. Will you at least agree with that?

      Furthermore, I've been posting messages to these Yahoo! boards for at least three years, and I've never seen anyone else use the phrase "nervous posting." You made it up, and quite frankly, it sounds stupid.

      Also, I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "poignant."

    • marking post, The irony is, I thought my last post would have run you off, but I guess you want a little mono a mono. Sooooo, here is the answer to your two pathetic questions. When I posted "Looks like were headed up to $27.00" it was in response to post #15941. It was not nervous posting as you do, it was a direct positive statement (ment to counter a negative statement about SPLS). He said going down, I said going up. Simple, but did you catch that? Noooooo, you were to busy thinking what type of "nervous posting" you could do. Second question, when I say "we", I mean posters who bring something to the board besides poignant remarks like yours. I don't think my opinion is as important as bringing information like the following, for others to read. So, simple one, do yourself a favor and put me on ignore so you don't have to educated yourself on SPLS. SHREVEPORT, La., May 15, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- EquityOutlook.Com (IARD#118718) - - evaluates the following stocks:

      Staples Inc. (Nasdaq:SPLS) - Outperform
      Ariba Inc. (Nasdaq:ARBA) - Outperform
      Echostar Cmmctns Corp. (Nasdaq:DISH) - Outperform
      Metlife Inc. (NYSE:MET) - Underperform
      Lehman Bros Hldg Inc. (NYSE:LEH) - Underperform

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

      Thanks, I needed a good laugh!

    • Good one. I give a point to marking-post. Anybody else want to judge it?

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