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  • ittman1 ittman1 Jun 17, 2002 10:10 PM Flag

    Falling Giant?

    It has been discovered that in the central United States that Staples is on a
    termination rampage initiated from as far up as Divisional Vice Presidents that gave
    directives for the smaller community stores to �do whatever it takes to generate sales�.
    Store management that has been given this directive is systematically being terminated
    to avoid the negative impact it could have on the number 2 office supply retailer in the
    nation. They are inflating their bottom line to show strong sales, when these sales have
    been in the form of paper only. Small stores given the directive to do what it takes, have
    used every tool available to them, from coupons and aggressive in store markdowns to make this happen. Several managers have been terminated for this, only when the heat
    starts to make its way up the corporate ladder.
    If the tale be told, Staples has become a greedy and manipulative company, cutting jobs of innocent employees and store management for
    its own gain and protection. The company will not investigate past the store level to find
    the corruption that will slowly, but surely eat up the once well respected retailer with its
    CARE Values policy. It has shown in the last six months that they are now a �We don�t care� do whatever to get sales company, so long as we don�t get caught doing the things
    we want you to do, but will never admit the said it. If you get caught we will terminate
    you and deny everything. I would be ashamed to now be a part of this once great and
    ascending company. They will lie to your face, threaten your job, and stab you in the back if you try to do your job to their directives. What has happened
    to corporate America? They say make money, be profitable, serve the customer, yet
    when you do that, they are very quik to punish at certain levels to protect the next level and let the stores suffer. Staples closed stores for the first time, they say, in early 2002, well if they continue on the track they are on, look for more to close in 2003. Staples philosophy was �our employees are our biggest asset�. Now it is �our employees are our biggest liability�. If you are looking for a job in retail, and are thinking about Staples, think about your stability in life, and if you really want to jeopardize that with this once loved company. They have no value for their employees, and will toss them aside if the heat that would lead to discovering corruption gets to great. Most of this is from being a retail veteran
    of nearly 25 years and giving some of the best years to Staples, and being terminated for driving sales from a directive given by Regional Vice President for doing so. When the
    fire got too hot, myself and a colleague were terminated for helping this company achieve
    its goals. Apparently the way that we were directed was wrong, but after their financial
    gain, we were expendable. I can only say that I am sorry for the small communities that
    will be devastated when it all hits in their town, and people are put out of work, without
    warning or caring. Staples is the perfect example of the true �CORPORATE MONSTER�. This is my opinion, and should only be taken as such. I pray that you are
    able to make up your own mind, and that God shows you the right path.


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    • If my DM told me to jump off a bridge I'd do it ... heh

      Sorry pal.

      Hope you learned a life lesson.

      Take care of yourself first.

    • I believe every word you said, have you read my posting on the site you'll have to scroll to the beginning for the first posting on the story "STAPLES FIRES CANCER EMPLOYEE", maybe you heard about this when it happened if you were still employed by STAPLES at the time and you were high enough up the Corporate ladder?

    • If you were wrongfully terminated, isn't that against the law? If I were you I would consult a labor lawyer or contact your State Labor Department. This does seem unusual, though, in that Staples doesn't fire people without cause, at least in New York as far as I know..................

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