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  • kcboomer1 kcboomer1 Jan 1, 2003 3:34 PM Flag

    Let's set the record straight!!!!!!

    First Staples does not pay commission to any of it's store was called a "spiff." and it is still not a commission...and now it it is called a "sales incentive....." they are paid an hourly wage that they agreed to when they were offered a position with the company.....and if any of you had the facts about the "Back to Brighton" incentives, you would see thaat it is a much better deal than before....or by the way....with the old deal...what did the receiver or stocker or porter or copy center person make or furniture person or the lonely cashier.....nothing....and what do they make with the new deal.....I know and you need to find out before you pass judgement on something that you have little or no knowledge of.....and for those that say they would never work in the Business Machine department...good, because they don't have is called Office Equipment and had been for over a year.....duh.........oh, by the way, Office Depot is probably a nice place to work too.......

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    • Sounds like you are the one who doesnt know what hes talking about.back to brighten is the dumbest thing staples has ever come out far the biggest stress has been placed on saying HI to anyone within 10 ft of you.We all sound like psychos Hi Hi Hi Hi.I think the customners would be more impresed by getting out of the store in less than 15 minutes online.this place is becoming a loony bin.

    • I can't believe I actually registered with Yahoo just to post here. I had better not start getting SPAM.

      Let ME set the record straight!!!!
      I work in Business machines and unless we are the only store not told of the change we are STILL called Business Machines.

      When I was offered a position with the comapny SPIFFs were part of the deal, and had been for the 8 years I am with the company. I upheld MY part of the deal by being a good employee and I expected Staples to uphold its part of the deal and not MESS WITH MY PAY. I have never worked for a company that actually reduced my pay in midstream and thats basically what has happened.

      As for the new "deal" we did not meet their predetermined Store 'Goal" for either November or December so we all receive NOTHING. Thats right, not a stinking dime. I am out well over $150 in SPIFFs that were do me under the old plan. Now, how would you feel about that Mr. Boomer? I keep selling as I have always sold but now I don't get paid for it.

      We aren't stupid. Staples in the past year has been trying desperately to dick us out of our SPIFFs(call it what you want its still commissions on warranty sales and cell phones) first by saying that the entire BM dept had to meet a certain percentage goal and if we didn't then NOONE would get their preearned SPIFFs no matter how many you had sold. Hows that for fairness? There was a revolt and Staples backed down.

      So it was back to the drawing board on ways to screw us so they decided to come up with a way to make it look like they were actually being MORE generous and offering "incentives" to all their employees. What this did was make it so that if BM people complained about it the rest of the store wouldn't because it "seemed" as if they were getting something that only BM people got before. Therefore-no threats to unionize since the other employees would like the new plan and only BM people would be upset.

      So clever! So smart! Guess what, we see right through the lie and the deception. Right from the beginning we knew they were full of _hit because they desperately want to pay their employees less, increase margins, and get the stock price up.

      Now, that sums it up nicely. I get robbed from my own employer while they stuff their pockets with Stock Options and overpaid layers of inept management. Nice company to work for, huh?

      If they could spend just a LITTLE of their time repairing problems that we have been constantly reporting to them ever since the store redesign and a little LESS time figuring out ways to demoralize and undercut their own staff, maybe Staples wouldn't be the first place I have worked where the vast majority of workers HATE their work environment.


    • All of this irrelevant if the service is not there. In my humble opinion, as I have observed, stores are cutting personnel (payroll) thus the shopping experience fails. If you want help--you can't find anyone..NUF SAID.

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