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  • se_engr se_engr Jan 31, 2003 7:24 PM Flag

    Rebate; Yeah Right!!

    I just got the Rebate Centers reply to my rebate submission.

    "We apologize for the misunderstanding, but your rebate is invalid because your rebate submission was not postmarked before the promotion deadline. A postcard acknowledging your invalid reason will be mailed to you."

    Now I know you may want to know the facts. I purchased an HP V40 All-in-One on 12/20/2003. This was a Christmas present and I didn't send the rebate in until 1/14/2003. I checked all of the current promotions and they give you 30 days after the end of the promotion until the rebate must be postmarked. See where I am going!! That must mean that the USPS held the rebate until it was no good. Yeah, Right!!

    The dumb a$$ don't relize that this is a gift check to spend in their store. I have never been through the checkout where my total was only $20. They don't want customer to return to there stores.

    Short-sighted = Sell Now

    Long-sighted = Sell Now

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    • Its pretty much what I've said all along I just said it a little nicer :)

    • Thank finally said things that makes "cents." Now keep it just went up one point if you are keeping score......try tracking Staples over a one year period and then make a decision.....customer service is important to profit and repeat business is important to profit, but neither is looked at by most investors....they look at ratios and gains and who gets fired and stuff like that....keep up the good and smart postings.....

    • I don't know if attitude makes a good investment. I see problems with this company that I believe will start manifesting themselves into lower earnings and poor sales earnings performance on the store level. I see a management that is amazingly unattentive to problems in the retail stores. Thats not a bad attitude, thats reality. If you look upon an investment as a lifelong holding you will be making a mistake. Times have changed and good companies will change along with them. In my opinion Staples is going in the wrong direction in alienating its solid customer base and making one mistake after another and refusing to correct them. Thats just as I see it. I'm in for one more quarter then I will most likely bail unless I see the stores improving. JMHO.

    • kcboomer has the right attitude, do you? SPLS is a good investment. Look at the big picture when changes makes it alot easier to understand and support. Good luck.

    • Well, if you are a CEO then of course you don't belong to a union. A CEO would be the only person who wouldn't need one!

      And why on Earth would Staples try to get yahoo on my case? Have I done something illegal that I should be concerned about in this 'chatroom'? You are one funny dude. Carry on.

    • Because you asked......I am my own CEO.....but it is a two man company...father and son company...profitable but not expandable...we work with tools and our hands...but I invest in what I believe to be solid companies....over the last 7 years, Staples has made me xx,xxx dollars because I believe I have invested you do the math....remember, there is not a period but a comma......oh, by the way, have you guessed what I do for a really doesn't matter, but I do not belong to a union and don't carry a green card...and you still are wrong....but then, you and you alone have to answer for that......maybe Staples will sic their Yahoo cops on you or something...this chat room is not as free as you seem to think.........ask Saddam......

    • You should return the product to the store and tell the manager what happened. If you make a big enough stink about it, Staples will take back just about anything. Call the DM and the corporate office if you have to.

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