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  • kenleemary kenleemary Apr 14, 2003 8:33 PM Flag

    reply about RVP

    Regional Sales Vice President.........did ya get a new one recently.......

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    • You're exactly the kind of bozo that unfortunately slithers his way up the food chain. By keeping quiet and not mentioning any problems and always agreeing with the higher ups youre sure to make it in this company.

      Good advertising and store placement can only go so far. This company has forgot what it takes to make for a successful retail environment and happy, productive employees.

      Have fun sucking up. I would prefer Staples actually seek out those with a mind of their own rather than a Yes-Man spineless fool.

    • I have worked fror this company for over eight years, and not only has it allowed me to provide a good life foir my family. It has also given me career advancement, because I am a proavtive hard working employee who works hard for what I have. This is not ass kissing it is about people who work hard for a great company that is one of the fastest growing companies in the history of this country. Sorry if I beleive that Ron & Tom know how to run a company better than some complainer who does not have the guts to get off his ass and try and better himself.

      The stock has done great things for those of us who invest in this company. Check the last eight years and understand why, I work hard for this company!!!!

      Every company has problems especially retail companies, but this is a progressive company that always looks to improve

    • Good post. To think an employee who sees problems in his store, reports them to the GM and to the DM and this is not considered enough? Give me a break. Its obvious that Staples has a problem, to deny it is ridiculous. I happen to believe its time for a change at the top and I'm not the only one. A clean sweep is in order to get this company back to where it was. The stock price has been holding up quite well, but the problems are there and will fester.

      Whats next in the quest to increase profits and the stock price at the expense of employees, eliminating the 401k match? You know, happy well paid employees make for a healthy company and customer service. Well managed businesses realize this. Staples all of a sudden forgot that lesson. They had better get back to management 101 and fix this mess. JMHO.

    • just was checking to see if there was any info as to why my spls can't break the 20 mark on this board and i found the employee complaint and staples corp ass kisser board. no info here. don't bother repling i will not be back. tenser don't listen to them never go over your dm's head it will be the end of you. kenleemary & staplesbaby no pionts for who is the bigger ass kisser between the two of you.

    • You're right. The complaints (all valid but I suppose that doesn't matter much to you) are taking up so much space that all the important info can't get through. Oh wait, there is no info. Wait again, I have never actually read a post of yours that contained anything other than a complaint about another post. You are such a valuable addition to this board, perhaps we should all stop posting and just let you continue to implore people to quit their jobs? Thank you again for your helpful input.

    • Blah , Blah, Blah. This message board has turned into one person�s personal problem board. As I have stated earlier, seek work elsewhere. Maybe transfer to a new store. Maybe look at the postings and apply for a GM job so you can fix all the company�s problems. If you put in as much effort at the store as you do here complaining about how awful a company this is.....Maybe you would make more money. You have the talking part done, how about taking charge of your own destiny instead of waiting for someone to hand you what are supposedly owed!!!

    • Well, the poster may not be up but I know the GM is contacting those above about many of the problems because I am frequently there when he makes the calls. This is a very unresponsive company for whatever reason.

      As for making the goals to make the commissions, they put many of the goals out of our reach. On purpose? Of course. The mystery shop is one of the possible goals but that only adds $.10/hr to our check. It is also unethical. The entire store doesn't make money because one person unlucky enough to have a bad day while being shopped gets a bad score? A person who is one of our best employees has one bad day and felt awful about ruining our number because he happened to have had a very obnoxious customer just before the shop? Sorry-that is garbage.

    • Sorry, but I think you are barking up the wrong tree....gave you a simple test and your store and your General Manager failed it....the poster, is a mandatory poster that gives you information on who, when, where, and how to contact those in power to make changes or to receive information when you are not getting it at the store regardless of what you think or see, if this poster is not up, then he or she is not doing their job...and that leaves the door open for he or she not doing their job in other areas, which could translate, please read could translate, they might not be doing everything they could be doing......but then I can only say that based upon what you are telling me and knowing what the standard is.....sometimes, the GM and DM may blame others when it really might be something they could do..if the store was achieving their sales, ace'ing the Mystery shop, doing attachments, then you would be making money....and if you look at that, that is controllable from the store level....good luck on your quest, but I think if you really want to fix and help the problem, talk to the RSVP or HR manger.....but remember, they can only change certain things not fixtures....and I know you can make money, but it requires a team effort, I know, I hate that term also....the team has to strive to make the sales for the store and your department...ace the Mystery shop, and the other can be a good little Staplette, I probably have said more than I should have, but I have been honest with you and I try to see both sides and divide it down the line....only you can decide if it is Memorix or the real thing...and that was definitely was before your time....later...

    • There is no poster in the breakroom, so thats that. The problems in the store are not because of our GM. I don't agree with everything he does but most of the problems are out of his control. Its common knowledge in this company that GMs who make waves do not get promoted. The same is true of DMs. I can't really fault them for trying to get ahead. The blame lies on those who created that culture in the first place-the blame starts with Stemberg and whats his face (sorry, brain ain't functioning tonight).

      We all know full well how the new compensation plan works, and we all know full well that its a farce. We may be low paid but we aren't stupid. Staples has succeeded in reducing morale to a new low, and every store I have contact with in my area says the same thing. I'm just reporting what I know to be true-take away from it what you want, or continue to insist it isn't true. Those of us who work there know its true.

      As for feeling cheated out of something, of course I feel that way! How about well over $600 less money in my pocket over the last 5 months? What would you call that?

      We see the mismanagement every day. We see our GMs struggle under the ridiculous demands of the front office, and the ridiculous decisions being made. This company is in dire need of a change in leadership.

    • exactly how long have you been with Staples....every person, that has been with Staples, over 6 weeks, should know who their RSVP is....go into your breakroon, look for the poster that has your DM and HR manager's business card posted on it....if there is not such a poster....then there is your answer..if there is a poster, then there is that answer....better yet, ask your DM or GM who your RSVP is....why am I asking....just wanted to know if it is who I think it is...not really important......just conversation...but interesting that you don't know the way....I have been with the company more than a couple of days, and yes the home office causes some situations....but most of the problems come from GM's not being able to execute the directives in a manner that will be accepted by both the company and the associates.....and their excuse is always the home office....and that is just a cop out....failure to make a bad situation into a working one is failure on that manager's part...not everything will always smell like roses...but no one should feel like they are being cheated out of something....their are reasons why you feel that way, and I can just about bet it is because they never explained exactly how to work the system in order to make money.....there is money to be made.........

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