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  • scorbale scorbale Jul 27, 2003 6:34 PM Flag

    Shop Staples lately?

    I decided to pop into the store I used to shop in. 2 cashiers, maybe 3-4 salespeople on the floor and the store was crowded. Lines to get out, noone to help me. I ask the manager whats up and he says they ordered us to cut payroll! Are they F'ing kidding me!? Thats the new customer service strategy? Noone to help you and no one to ring you up? Am I missing something here?

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    • I do think its fairer to give everyone a chance to make more money in incentives but I also think its patently unfair to take away a commission that was part of the job in the first place. After all, a warranty sale is a sale upon a sale. First we have to get the customer to purchase the product from us in the first place, then we have to sell a warranty on that same product. The previous commission structure should have been kept in place for BM, with the current incentives added for the other departments. I'm sure we are going to disagree on that issue.

    • When one works hard and pays for an education then gets results then that person should be rewarded, The cream always rises. And if you firmly believe that a more fair situation does exist at Staples now then maybe Sargent will to buy into it and share his bonus with everyone. We do not live in, nor do we work in a socialist enviorment it will back fire eventualy. Your better associates will leave.

    • Theoretically, the change benefits customers by developing an incentive for all associates to provide excellent customer service. The difficult part of any 'budget based' incentive plan is setting the budgets so they are attainable and not just a given. There are BM associates out there that are now earning quite a bit more than the 80 bucks or so a period, and some (as it sounds in your case) that got the short end. I'm not saying that it is a perfect plan by any means, but wouldn't you agree that an incentive for ALL associates is better for the business as a whole than just paying out to those that sell? And yes, I do think that getting paid less definitely would be deflating. But on the flip side, what about those that never got the chance to earn extra the old way that are now getting an incentive for their hard work.

      I've never seen an incentive plan that was received as 100% fair to 100% of the participants. But I think that the current plan is closer to that than the old plan, don't you?

    • The $700 is for the period beginning in November 2002. That is a minimum figure-maybe not a huge sum for many but in terms of what most BM employees earn an extra $20 per week ($80 per month) is not chump change.

      The current bonus system is great for Staples itself since they are making more profit. For those of us who are earning less money obviously it sucks. We've lost a couple long timers recently and I don't know anyone who isn't looking for another job. In Staples favor the economy stinks so their timing was perfect.

      I can't come up with a reason why the change would benefit customers. Theres a lot of grumpy associates now. Getting less pay tends to be a little deflating don't ya think?

    • I no longer work for Staples as of 7-11-03. But was employed for 28 months prior. I was the OES and did very well with the SPIFFS and Commissions. Say what you want but my W-2's don't lie I made $7,000 less my second year as a result of the new structure. Even with a healthy raise I could'nt get it back. That's 3.50 per hour average for a year. I measured my success by looking at my pay check every week. I was highly motivated by it. Sure was an easy sell to a majority of the associates who are still willing to accept easy money. But they are rewarded by the success of a few. I gave up nearly 25% of my pay to finance this joke. While Sargent gets an 86% raise.

    • Do more and more with less and less until they have everything thing do with nothing. They seem to have an assumtion that you (customers) will buy it if they put it on the shelf. Kmart or Walmart mentality. Where do you thing all those who left K-Mart went? They are starting to lax severely in Customer service. Much (eclectronics is still a very help-needy area. They need qualified people there to answer questions.

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