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  • coupon73 coupon73 Jul 17, 2004 3:09 PM Flag

    Staples SMB Marketing Non-existent.Why?

    I NEED HELP. I own a small business with 30 employees. I also own Staples stock. Here is my quandry:

    While Staples touts that the lions share of its' profits result from Small to Medium businesses,why do they not advertise to gain more Small to Medium business NEW clients?

    Every Sunday I literally bite my lip when I see Staples,OfficeMax and OfficeDepot placing their inserts into Sunday Newspapers and spending all of that money. Hey, I own Staples stock....why do they spend all of this money reaching families in their homes when their majority profit source is small to medium business?

    I do believe that occasional Marketing via Newspaper Inserts is good(Back To School etc.)BUT what about direct mailing small to medium businesses to hunt new Clients?

    Is Staples involved in Marketing and advertising lunacy to forget marketing to their core that drives "90% of Staples profitability" according to Staples' President.

    Staples has ZERO budget allocated to hunting new Small to Medium business clients via direct mail or any other source.

    Somebody help me here.

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    • Well, I received the direct mail program called BUSINESS VALUES in the mailbox at my business and there were eighteen Fortune 500 Companies,each advertising with category exclusivity and ONE Office Supply Company.

      Joining Dell,American Express,COSTCO etc, was QUILL!! Quill is a division of Staples!

      Nice move Staples!!!At least the category exclusive did not go to one of our competitors!


    • If it is Staples and they handle the exclusive nature of the program correctly in Press for knowledgeable investors to drive Staples stock to new heights.

    • I read the same info on the site...but the name of the major Office Supply Company is not there...I guess we will know when the issues are mailed...their posted schedule says that the next in-mailbox date reaching businesses in several Major corridors is not until September 15...

    • Hold The Phones (thanks anyway stplads)....I just found out by visiting the website of the Company that produces the small to medium nationwide direct mail program that surround mails our stores(and our competitor's stores)...A major office supply entity is now testing 100% of the available circulation for this program.

      I have my fingers crossed. I will let everyone know shortly as soon as I find out who it is....

    • Coupon 73, you are not the only one wondering about a lack of small business print direction...there really is no true volume to our existing approach.

      But you would really be better off taking it up with Corporate...I will give you a hint when it comes to overspending on Newspaper does have to do with Newspaper Insert Contracts..and a "keep up with the Joneses" mentality(you know,if OfficeMax and OfficeDepot do it...).

    • I own too much Staples stock "to move on"...And had you been reading,you would find that there is a program that precisely fits the bill.

      But, SINCE YOU ASKED(again):

      It is low cost(far less than our newspaper inserts). It reaches SMB decision makers at their place of business. It has HUGE numbers. It surround-mails SMB retailer locations and covers areas near 93% of all Staples store locations across America. It delivers recipients that for the most part are NOT current Staples clients. It has a shared mail component that allows Retail circulars(our size) to be inserted.

      If this sounds interesting then I will dig up the last article and send you to the page by posting it here. But lets see if anyone from Staples Marketing steps up and asks.

    • This is the longest string of posts in the 17,000 plus Staples Message board history. It wasn't until my 21st post(I believe) when I was asked for options that I spoke of one.

      Want more options?

    • maddogmktg: Thanks for not answering my question regarding Staples "having tried these things before"

      If I were a sales rep, do you think I would waste my time on 22 posts before I talk about Mass Media options?

      I am a proponent of BtoB Mass Marketing via direct mail and there are many options available.

      To your question, "be prepared to answer,how is a vehicle were Staples shares space with other advertisers better than a solo vehicle?"

      Are you really asking this question? Ask yourself, "why it is that Staples shares ad space with 312 pages of advertisers in my Sunday Newspaper...AND has our competitors staring at us in the same exact space?"

      How dare you ask, "how is the audience unique to the major BtoB lists Staples already targets?" Please...I will ask again, "WHAT major mass media lists does Staples already target?"....and once again...remember the terms 'major' and 'mass media'.

      ...And finally, Staples will only know if we test. With people like yourself who refuse to read and/or answer...well you should say,"I'm out of here"

    • I fully agree that "coupons" is trying to sell something to Staples. I got this after his/her 3rd post.

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