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  • bush_bankrupt_us bush_bankrupt_us Sep 29, 2004 10:27 PM Flag

    Bush 1M jobs lost, Clinton 20M new jobs


    SPLS..Bush lies, 1,000's died! Weapons of Mass Distraction from poor performing economy:

    0. Scare tactics
    1. Budget deficit $450B/year
    2. National Debt increases at dizzy speed
    3. Tax cut Stimulate Plan did not work
    4. Tax cut favors top rich
    5. Iraq & Afghan wars cost more than $250B
    6. 45M Americans do not have Health Insurance
    7. 35M Americans live below poverty level
    8. Reduced benefits of Veterans, Medicare, Medicaid, Education, etc
    9. Wants to impose National Sales Tax
    10. New Over Time laws favor industries, and sacrifices working class
    11. Elderly has to pay $78.20/month for Medicare, increased 17% by Bush (Yahoo news)
    12. Gasoline prices increase 40% in 2 yrs
    13. 1M job lost (total positive & negative jobs,Yahoo news). Clinton 20M new jobs.
    14. 2 wars benefit war profiteers

    Americans need a fiscal responsible president, otherwise, U.S. is going toward bankruptcy

    We voted for an average Joe on the street, now, we have to live with an average Joe, "C grade" student, idiot in the White House

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    • Clinton needs to take blame also because he didnt do everything to go after Bin laden.
      However, Bush had the warning before the event, he had thw world behind him when we went into Afghanistan, but he stopped pursuing him in order to invade Iraq.

      Its clear to me that Bush hasnt done his job.

    • ok, I left the d off....but my spell checker is broken...

    • how do you spell tunnel spell-checker is broken...but let me look at my history book....Rome was not create in a day, and neither was America...thus, you would think, it would take more than one person to tango....yielding, heh, Bill, how do you blame just one person....even when a bear is in the woods, what he does takes more that a day or two, to go away...can you see my point, or are you still peering down the pipe, thus, tunnel vision.........sign, just a dumb country boy, but able to see the rain and get out of it.....

    • Yes, he was so alert he allowed 9/11 to happen

      You didnt see FDR basing his reelection on Pearl Harbor.
      9/11 should be an embarrassment to Bush.
      In fact his entire 4 years are an embarrassment.

      And I'm a Conservative, not a Liberal

    • scorbale:

      I am an amateur's kind of fun. In magic we attempt to move attention away from the actual trick and then walla! spring a surprise on the unsuspecting audience.


      If I were showing my children a trick at a restaurant, I might place a packet of sugar on the table and tell the kids to watch the packet closely because I am about to make it disappear through the table.

      Next I grab a small salt shaker and,holding it in one hand,push it down on top of the sugar packet say' "watch that packet disappear!" When I pull my hand away with the salt shaker oops! the sugar packet is still there. OK, I try it again, this time I place the salt shaker in my hand over the sugar packet and pull away slowly while all eyes are on the sugar and say , "oops the SALT shaker is no longer in my hand!"

      This is called distraction so that you can execute sleight of hand. Scorbale,you are on this sight asking that we distract from the most important twin issues of this election: The War In Iraq and Terrorism,so that you can point to another.

      Now,just because America believes that the President is strong on these twin issues(see ALL polls that break down the issues,War In Iraq and Terrorism))and gets stronger daily(see ALL polls)doesn't mean that you have to agree. But why don't you start a string here about HR10 and see how many participants you get.

      Oh, and your tired story about those murderers that easily entered the United States and actually registered to vote during the Clinton administration...How can you blame President Bush? I do not blame Clinton. I blame the terorists and three generations of a corpulent America.

      Sting wrote a song years ago and in it he sang, "Corpulent Generals fat behind lines"...America had become so complacent for decades. TODAY we are alert and ready to stand down terror. Thanks to a willing President Bush.

      My writings for the day,your lesson of the day...glad to help

    • I am talking about HR10, thats being debated in Congress.

      How can you argue a point if you have no idea whats going on?

      Bush is trying to weaken immigration security.
      Bush has left our borders wide open.
      Bush has not made this country safer.

    • Bush would have prevented world war II!? Thats a laugh,
      the idiot couldnt even prevent 9/11!

      A man who couldnt prevent a few planes crashing when he had warnings in advance would have prevented WWII?

      Man, you have issues

    • Sorry scorbale,you are misinformed.

      President Bush lobbied that all immigration laws be "under one roof" so that tighter controls can be enforced.

      Oh, and unless you are American Indian,your ancestors were likely immigrants...more control,yes...immigration laws that are too tough,no.

    • ...Sorry that you missed my point. I can sense that you really do want to understand.

      I was comparing the history of two wars when Democratic Presidents presided that were far more unpopular and costly(lives) than the current Iraq War...and the incredible ability of many to forget history and therefore its' lessons.

      Only the most deluded among us can look back in retrospect(unless you are an empath) and say that we knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and here is why:

      1)Hussein had murdered hundreds of thousands using mustard gas(the 5,000 on Bloody Sunday was just a small number based on the total Kurdish deaths,not to include the other deaths in three Countries)...clearly a weapon of mass destruction.

      2)The weapons inspectors returned to finish their jobs only to be ousted from the Country by Hussein.

      3) Months of proposed sanctions and political efforts failed to get the inspectors back to work.

      Now...wouldn't any prudent person think this:

      "Here is a man that has killed before using weapons of mass destruction. The intelligience of seven Countires suggest that he may have these weapons. The poliitical efforts failed. Hussein ousted the inspectors."

      President Bush erred on the side of safety. And I am glad he did because Hussein is now locked away.

      Lets make a supposition...Suppose George Bush had been President during the 14 months leading up to World War II. Just how many deaths do you think America would have settled for before we trounced Hitler? Answer: There may never have been a World War II.

    • And who is the President that is trying to force Congress to eliminate the immigration provisions from the Security Act? Thats right, Mr, Tough Guy George Bush. Seems he is too spineless to stand up to the pro mass immigration and pro illegal immigration lobby to actually get a protective Bill passed.
      Luckily, his own Republicans in Congress have finally had enough of his hispandering and have stood up to him this time.

      Bush is a Pussy, thats your lesson

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