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  • kenleemary kenleemary Oct 23, 2004 2:54 PM Flag


    How about that company called Staples, the Office SuperStore. Anybody think they are going to go under? Just kidding. Anybody think they have anything to worry about with Office Depot trying to edge in on their home turf? Anybody excited about the end of the 3rd quarter and what it may mean to the raw number? Anybody have any views, positive or negative about the #1 Office Supply superstore company.

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    • I stand by my current view of Staples.
      They are doing the right things by selling business to business.
      They are doing the right things in direct ordering.
      They are letting the Stores themselves sink-in my opinion this is a big mistake, yet so simple to fix. The question is-is anyone awake?

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      • I don't know about sinking. In my view, and because I am on the front lines, and have been since, oh, sometime the last century, the stores are not sinking...improvements, vast improvements have been made to systems, order processes, and generally the way things should be done, in order to be fair and above all, consistent. The only thing that I do not see that has been fixed, but is being addressed in a logical mode, rather than a hyper-mode, which will either fix it or make it worse, is the perception of the customer's ability to find products, "easy." So, if you are basing your experience on one store, or even a block of stores in your city, then you are lumping the rest of the stores in that statement. And that would be go figure........

    • Yes. Thank you kenleemary.

      I am the owner of a small business and a good Staples customer(as well as a proud shareholder!).

      I am about to receive a significant monetary windfall from my hard work. I plan to use the money to open another small business and employ about 30 people in the business. I will make sure that this new business (in addition to my existing leagacy business) is a customer of Staples as well!

      Here is the problem: If I can execute the monetary windfall transaction while Bush is in office, I can expect to pay a Capital Gains tax of only 15%. If Kerry makes it into office prior to me gaining the deal,I may be taxed as much as double!!! My motivation to make the deal,hire the people(create new jobs) and establish a new Staples client is not as strong if Kerry wins in November. Maybe I will not proceed with my plan and merely hold back...

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