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  • delirious_now delirious_now Nov 29, 2005 4:26 PM Flag

    Sales rep fired after closing deal


    First - wow - you are a very dedicated employee to be taking and dishing out this bashing that's going on. However, not all staples stores - areas - divisions - etc are the same. I worked for the company for a little over one year. Started out part-time - got moved to F/T after 3 months, was promoted to Specialist after 6 months and then it was mentioned by my GM to the director that I should be put into the MIT program because I'm an "asset" to the company. Hmmm.. not much of an asset apparently. 2 weeks later I was axed. Why...?? Well, apparently there were 2 associates who had worked there longer, yet had very poor attendance records, complaints left and right, never could get 100% on the Mystery Shops, and they just couldn't stand or understand, rather, why I would get promoted before they would.. HMMMMM! SO.. these wonderful 2 people decided to play games using my name left and right and my butt got fired. I couldn't believe it! I proved that everything was false, but I guess due to the amount of money I was making, it would be cheaper to fire me.. keep the other 2 happy and still poor workers, and hire someone else to replace me at a lower rate. Hmm... THEN to top that off 4 months later.. the GM gets fired for embezzlement!!!! I will never not live by the phrase "what comes around goes around". Those "2" associates ended up getting fired by the NEW GM! Now, tell me that the store I worked for was all peaches and roses??????
    Why don't you just agree that you look at staples with sparkles and berries, while some others look at it with chains and whips???

    I make almost twice the money I made there... and NOT in Retail anymore - thank goodness!

    I hope everyone has a VERY happy Holiday Season!

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