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  • officeproductsxpert officeproductsxpert Nov 25, 2005 3:06 PM Flag

    Sales rep fired after closing deal

    A friend of mine was recently fired from Staples ...they waited till he closed a sizeable account (bank) and they let him go. He was meeting all his numbers and was a quality representative.

    It's sad how sneaky Staples is when they plot to let someone go.

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    • Where did this happen???

    • So, the sales rep closed a big deal, was hitting the numbers, etc. You mean to say that there was nothing else that happened that hastened his/her demise? Gimme a break. Had to be an ethics violation of some sort.

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      • Yes sales organizations always fire quality people, becuase they are so easy to comae by. Get a grip you assholes!!!! The only people that complain are the people who can not handle a high pace, results oriented company. Make your budgets, and then complain that the company is no good. Again, after ten years at Staples I have never seen a good and I am not talking about great associate not treated fairly. Your the failure not this or any compnay!!!!!

    • You are no expert, just a whiny former sales rep who could not cut it with the big boys. you complain about Staples as a horrible place, and then you post on the BUH (Corp Exp) board about how horrible they are. Sounds to me like you are just a former industry veteran who can't keep up with the changes in the industry. Face it, you just were not good enough.

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      • Wanna compare w2's for the last 5 years and awards of recognition in the industry? I left by choice and was at the top of the heap as a model sales executive. Believe it or not, when you are an exceptional sales person, there is actually life outside of office supplies and even more money and better benefits ...imagine that.

        Also, my last post on the BUH board stated that they have tremendous potential if they streamline their efforts more effectively. They have been unethical at times ...which YOU should know that.

        I'm assuming you work for SPLS??? If so, shouldn't you be interviewing to fill your high turnover, revolving door positions??

    • > First - wow - you are a very dedicated employee to be taking and dishing out this bashing that's going on.

      Actually, it just looks like he is doing what apparently has been happening all along -- defending "his little corner".
      Sadly such behavior even involves discriminateing against great associates so as to minize the possiblity of ever loosing the little corner.

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    • Almost forgot - Could you please ease up on the drama?

    • what's a top rep?

    • Yes EVERYONE is expendable, just ask Tom Stemberg. However, is that a bad thing? Any company that does not protect itself and make sure that anyone can step into someone elses role without skipping a beat is a dead company. Yes, they care about the bottom line and maximizing profits, again is that a bad thing? What do all you people want from this or any company? Let's take a minute and look at what is offered:

      Full time employment/Great benefits including stock purchase/stock options/401K/medical/dental/vacation/career development for those who choose to look for it.

      Yes sometimes hours do get long, but like in any compnay that is sales driven, the rewards can be there for the best of the best.

      Why is it you all just continue to knock Staples but never identify where you have worked? Store Managers have hard jobs and I am sure at times not very rewarding, but hey the choice is to stay or leave and many stay.

      So Adam, Officesupplyexpert why not tell us all where you have worked or maybe you can continue to hide behind a message board to voice your negative opinions based on your lackluster results.

      Just look at the chart on Staples the past number of years and you will see this compnay is a winner. And no, I am not a top level executive, just a hard worker who appreciates my job, it is a lot better than an unemployment check, which is what I am sure most of you cash!!!!

    • Lets recap -

      Someone called "delirious_now" posts

      "I make almost twice the money I made there... and NOT in Retail anymore - thank goodness!

    • The post number, by the way.. is: 18452 dated 11/29/05.


    • Look the bottom line is that if you don't work in the field (retail stores) for Staples you probably have a cushy / stress free job. I speak from experience I worked as a Manager for Staples for 16 months and the job was stressful from day 1. The fact of the matter is they are not willing to spend the money on payroll to make the Management positions less stressful;so yes they will continue to show a profit because they cut the $$$ where the customers are taken care of.... the stores!!!!

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