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  • officeproductsxpert officeproductsxpert Nov 25, 2005 3:06 PM Flag

    Sales rep fired after closing deal

    A friend of mine was recently fired from Staples ...they waited till he closed a sizeable account (bank) and they let him go. He was meeting all his numbers and was a quality representative.

    It's sad how sneaky Staples is when they plot to let someone go.

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    • The post number, by the way.. is: 18452 dated 11/29/05.


    • Drama? So is Honesty now considered Drama? Please point out in the rules of message boards where "HONESTY is not allowed".

      If you can't handle my posts, there is an "ignore user" button.


    • Actually .. if you would read posts.. and look at one that I had done prior.. it told what happened.. Read BACK:

      "...SO.. these wonderful 2 people decided to play games using my name left and right and my butt got fired..."

      I did move to a different state.. and I am very happy now!! So if you're you're confused, I apologize, but I made it plainly clear what happened at the store I worked at.


    • Look the bottom line is that if you don't work in the field (retail stores) for Staples you probably have a cushy / stress free job. I speak from experience I worked as a Manager for Staples for 16 months and the job was stressful from day 1. The fact of the matter is they are not willing to spend the money on payroll to make the Management positions less stressful;so yes they will continue to show a profit because they cut the $$$ where the customers are taken care of.... the stores!!!!

    • Almost forgot - Could you please ease up on the drama?

    • I'm confused. In one post you said you left Staples and moved away which took big kahoonas. In this post you said you were canned.

      All in all I can see why you're not in with the in crowd. Because you've got issues.

      It would also be interesting to hear why you got canned.

    • what's a top rep?

    • You do have to remember, that not all areas are the same. You sound like you've been treated wonderfully... but there have been some great associates treated badly - because they weren't one of the "In crowd". If you catch my drift.

      I know that I still "visit" this board because I invested in this company about 3 months after starting working there, and I didn't sell after getting canned. Also, it shouldn't matter why people visit the board, whether they are employed, not employed, trouble makers, or just people who like to read about different companies. Unfortunately you're gonna have junk/trash posted no matter where you visit. Ahhh technology.

      Not all ex-employees are wonderful -- trust me on that one!

      Also if people have moved on, such as I have, why can't we boast about how wonderful it is on the "other side of staples"?? Some of us weren't treated fairly or right, yet we were talked up to be "Assets" of the company. I know that it does make me feel better knowing that my life now is a heck of a lot better than it was (financially) when I worked at staples. Maybe there is someone out there who is miserable, and just needs a bit of "positive outlook" on the possiblity of having a decent job after leaving the company.

      I, in no way, am putting down Staples. I still shop there often. I Just like to keep my eyes open and also contribute occasionally to conversations. I'm human, I'm allowed, it's still America -- i think! haha!!


    • Trailer home huh?

      I hope it makes you feel good to make assumptions of someone who you know nothing about... I haven't said one bad thing about anyone on here - yet you must resort to badmouthing and slandering comments.

      I wish all the people who DID LIVE IN A TRAILER home would stand up and ask what was so wrong with that to begin with? But.. if you must know, I do not live in a "trailer home". Want me to take a picture????

      Grow up.


    • Did the loan come through on the trailer home as well?

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