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  • dyoun1122 dyoun1122 Apr 11, 2007 4:38 PM Flag

    Boycott Staples!

    Will Staples now also do politically correct thing and sell the Staples Center where all the trash talking,abusers of women and frequently arrested NBA stars appear?

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    • That is such a racist stereotype of the NBA! If that happened, I'm sure Al and Jesse would be out protesting saying that the white NBA execs and David Stern are profiling and discriminating these young black males and hurting their opportunity to make millions! Just wait and see if the NFL labor union and Pacman Jones' lawyers appeal that recent ruling! There is no way Staples would sell the Staples Center, they have too much invested and make too much money off it! Pulling some ads from Imus is the easy way out and politically correct thing to do.

      By the way, you forgot to add having illegitimate children out of wedlock such as Shawn Kemp's 9 kids!

      For shizzle Al and Jesse. All in good humor and not being racist, just trying to prove a point.

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