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  • mr_potato_heads_friend mr_potato_heads_friend Aug 28, 2007 1:33 PM Flag

    Staples CEO is a liar

    Don't invest with liars. These crooks are about to get kicked out of the new store they built ILLEGALLY...

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    • I think your dedication shown through your posts is really gettin the word out on Staples and that big bad CEO. Keep at it and you should have him out of there by no later then Q1 of 08. I think you are doing a great service for Staples investors and I'm sure I will not be the last one to commend you on a job well done. Thank you!!

    • Hate Staples? Don�t repeat its mistakes

      Tuesday, 27 November 2007

      It�s hard to miss all the news lately about development in Asheville. While some residents call for higher buildings and more urban density, others decry such structures as the 130-foot Ellington building planned for downtown.

      Nonetheless, there is one building about which Ashevillians seem to have formed a united opinion: the Staples building on Merrimon Avenue.

      In short, the people of Asheville hate it. The building has been the source of unceasing public outcry since its construction.

      In fact, in a recent survey of Merrimon Avenue residents and business owners, the Staples building ranked as the worst example of development along the corridor by a significant margin.

      That�s why it seemed particularly odd to hear that among the proposals being touted by some community activists is a plan that would require that buildings be set right up against the road, with parking in the rear. In other words, built like Staples.

      These advocates of so-called �New Urbanism� say that doing so will create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, eventually allowing Merrimon residents to shop, dine and get to work all without ever getting into a car.

      We find such claims highly dubious.

      While it is clear that Merrimon Avenue is far from desirable in regard to pedestrian access, it is not at all clear that more Staples-like buildings will help the problem.

      Trying to walk between a busy street and a brick edifice hardly gives one a sense of security. At least with a parking lot on the side, one has a hope of dodging a stray car that veers off the road.

      And as much as we dislike the un-Ashevillian drabness of the Staples building, using legislation to mandate Merrimon Avenue�s aesthetics would also be walking a very tricky line. On the one hand, defining beauty according to one group�s narrow set of opinions could be expensive and a violation of property owners� rights.

      But on the other, allowing cheap, ugly buildings to proliferate unchecked violates a community�s right to its unique identity � an economically valuable right, in Asheville�s case.

      Clearly, all sides deserve a hearing in this debate.

    • COOL, thanks for sharing!

    • 3 major things had to happen before that or any Staples store opens. 1. Staples had to get permits approved from the city on many key construction aspects of the building. 2. The city had to approve the building and give Staples a COD (Certificate of Occupancy). 3. The city had to approve and give Staples a business license. So if the store was "Illegal" as you state then the city would not have approved any of this.... You need to stop posting lies, research the issue, and place the blame in the correct place. Your city failed you becuase they did not follow their own laws.

    • Interesting article. I don't know if it can be "illegal" if the city ok'd the plans. Not sure how you would fight that one.

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      • The city didn't OK the plans and the building also violates state regulations. A report on this issue prepared by the School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill came to the same conclusion. It appears that Staples went into the city with their own plans and ignored city and the state regulations. Now rumor is that Staples will have to pay to correct the issues or lose the ability to operate from that location. How much $$$$ could that ultimately cost?

        Staples CEO is a liar, saying that citizens are poisoning the plants at the Staples. Truth be known, Staples planted the items then never cared for them. Blaming the citizens is a tactic to try and remove heat from this issue, but if the CEO knew this city, he would realize that it is only bringing more heat and may trigger picket lines and renew the boycott.

        Now the mayor is traveling to Staples headquarters in Boston to offer one last solution. If they refuse to follow state and city law, Staples will be sued and could lose the Certificate of Occupancy, the document that legally allows them to operate from that location.

        Wow, I hope for the sake of investors that Staples doesn't roll into every town and try to push citizens (customers) around like they have here. It's very bad for business and stockholders.

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