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  • davidj_sd davidj_sd Feb 7, 2010 2:06 PM Flag

    Below $18 and falling --

    I don't trust the numbers, and I'll tell you why. This stock needs at least a $5 margin of safety in the pricing.

    According to store at least one store employee, Staples regularly advertises discontinued or older models of items in its weekly ad, which are out of stock and/or unavailable. If the item even becomes in stock, the ad has long expired. That's called a bait and switch tactic, as customers arrive at the store and buy a higher priced item instead.

    For example, last week an $99.98 Acer 20" monitor was advertised, at the end of the week no stores or the Staples website had it in stock. This week they advertise an older model Samsung 18.5" monitor for $89.50, this item is out of stock as the ad launches.

    If staples is dishonest with its sales tactics to customers, how can I trust the numbers? $18 is too expensive.

    By the way, Staples IRS tax return needs to claim some of their sales as fraudulent gains (from bait and switch tactics). That's just how it has to be.

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    • So just to be clear you are predicting a price drop to $18 and lower based on "at least one store employee". In your exhaustive research even if what you say is true from "at least one store employee" did you find that Staples has a B to B business that is larger than the retail business which might have a larger impact on the stock price than the comments of "at least one store employee".
      I would suggest that you stay away from stock ananlysis.
      Perhaps go into brain surgery.

    • Needs to hit 20 first then lower. It might bounce back at 17.50 though.

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