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  • watsonbell54 watsonbell54 Aug 18, 2010 1:28 AM Flag

    Got an email from STAPLES today telling me how to support diversity

    by buying certain products from one of their vendors. Instead of "supporting diversity" I decided to never do business with Staples again. Good riddance. It doesn't take much checking around to beat their prices anyway.

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    • I agree, I will no longer shop at Staples or office depot. There is a local family owned office supply , a locally owned office furniture selling only American made products.

      I will not now nor will I ever patronize a company who promotes "diversity training"...never.


    • Just make sure you check the price of everything outside copy paper and certain ink cartridges. When you go to the grocery you know what a good price is on milk and pop.what about tooth paste?
      exactly! compare with your local office products store on those lessor known items. You will really be surprised of the spin staples marketing dept. Provides.

      and the credit today only applies to your next purchase which means its really worth half of the spin.

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      • Besides being yelled at with CAPS, this doesn't answer his question. Retail is retail. Any and everyone will market what they have to sell. Staples, like everyone else has agreements with a variety of different vendors, some of whom are MWBE's. You really need to define diversity.....Many still charge a premium price because of their lack of volume. Some larger vendors (i.e. Smead - a women-owned business) are large enough to be in the ballpark. I agree with all - do your homework, but don't think that Staples is remarkably better or worse than any other major retailer.....

    • So you don't like the idea of 'diversity.' You hate it so much you'll take your business elsewhere. Well, don't let the door hit you in the azz.

      Every promotion, I suppose, will appeal to some and turn some people off. It's just a promotion, that may be calculated to get a few people in the door.

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      • So if I'm buying from an African American already staples wants me to take my business to whom? I'm confused, who should I buy from to support diversity? Please someone help me. I don't want to be perceived as a racist. Tell me who to buy from and please be specific. Tell me the products and the ethnicities and give me percentages. HELP!!!!

    • Can't help but wonder when shareholders put the squeeze on and demand they shutter unprofitable stores like they did in the late 90's......

    • Make sure you look at the price of toothpaste. In other words when you go to the grocery, there are certain items you need in addition to promotions and you load up the cart, paying way too much.

      Example in the way they price paper and ink cartridges. Some items they will rebate, many they will not. You are not getting cash back from this sale, its coupons to be applied against next sale. Its like buying a dress at 15% off today so you can get 30% on the next one. Many are fooled, too many.

      Local supplier had their regular 810 3/4x1296 magic scotch tape on sale in quarterly catalog for $1.15/roll less than Staples and Quill 1 month ago when I compared. This is just one of many examples.
      Its wise to check and compare prices on everything including outragious delivery fees on smaller orders./
      Big is not always better,,,,,,,,,,

    • Staples management must be more interested in making a political statement than running the company - as evidenced by the stock price. Maybe we need new management?

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