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  • bigbubbabatboy bigbubbabatboy May 19, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

    Is SPLS a screaming buy or a death spiral?

    Yeah many a many of people wrote GAMESTOP off as a dinosaur in the new flashy digital age of gaming...but sorry no one wants to pay 60.00 for a PS3 game that takes 10 hours to download and then you have no physical merchandise. Maybe if you wanna sell them to me for 10.00 max, but publishers won't ever decrease the price enough to make digital relevant. And so SURPRISE they just had RECORD sales. But, meanwhile finance media write COUNTLESS articles bashing GME.

    Staples just told it like it is on their earnings call and got creamed for it. The economy is not getting better and 4.00 gas makes me and everyonelse not wanna drive. BUT, no one is buying office supplies online from AMAZON. Most people are just as lazy as I am and don't have 2 weeks to order and get your office supplies online. So you go to Staples or ODP or OMX. And I've been to all three and Staples by far has the best prices of the three, best selection, and best store layout...And they just added the NOOK color may 1st so they understand it's not just about office supplies. We've bought computers there, monitors there, printers there...all because of low prices...It will just take a month or so for the panic to run it's course and the negative articles to get shuffled to the bottom...For whatever reason last two years in a row most stox went down from may 1st to July 1st for whatever reason although this has crashed so far I'd be suprised to see it fall much further....who knowz. I say it's a BUY.

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