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  • americanbuy Jun 28, 2011 2:44 AM Flag

    To the NEGS......where are YOUR facts?

    I see these little 1 line zingers - usually a 'boy man' playing with a 5k 'portfolio' LMAO- saying nothing - insulting others - where are your facts? where is your analysis? where is your justification for making negative claims? What i see on yahoo is typical - little boys angry at the world- with limited life, investment, and economic experience- with NO POINT! I dont care about being insulted by a little boy - but please - PROVE YOUR CASE for being bearish on SPLS- give us some logic- some facts- some figures - something - but if you are going to come on an investment board - the focus is on proving your case- if im wrong about SPLS - tell me why im wrong - dont point out a typo- prove your point- or shut up-

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    • looks like 'american buy' was right-

    • americanbuy Jun 29, 2011 9:39 AM Flag

      dont agree with you - either of you- but respect your opinion- much better than 'bankers wants 14' -sad to break it to both of you - but SPLS - is on its way UP

    • Fact SPLS bought CPX - Corporate Express as a way to expand in europe. CXP was a declinging business with terrible margins and myriad operational issues.

      They overpaid for this acquisition in 2007...significantly overpaid...see the filings for the increased offer prices.

      CXP changed their business from retail dominant to corporate dominant went from 60% high margin retail to 40% vice versa on the corporate biz side, this is in their annual report and IR reports from 2010. Corporate office supply biz is much lower margin and we see that in SPLS margins for the last 4 years and counting.

      Also, they took on a bunch of debt and have wasted shareholder money paying that debt back rather than buying stock or paying more of a dividend. Yes they have bought stock, but could have bought 2-3x as much or paid a divy in the 3-4%range at the $20+ price. too late for that...

      Further, their core small biz customer has been decimated putting even more pressure on their margins. The US market is saturated on the retail and corporate level for office supplies and CXP's europe business is not much better. The growth story for SPLS is over and they jsut don't want to admit it.

      Until they start returning more cash to shareholders and closing underperforming stores while opening smaller format ones it is a lost cause. They started doing some of this, but from such a well run company I expect decisive and bold action...what they are doign/have done smacks of trying to prop up a growth valuation vs. becoming a slower growth enrich who? option exercisers?

      I would not buy the stock until it breaks $12 per share. unemployment stays high and it will be there soon enough.

      enough facts for ya?

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