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  • ericnhenderson ericnhenderson Jun 30, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    What Does Ron S. know

    On the 24th of June Ron, executed an option and sold several thousand shares of stock. If the stock were higher and not near 52 week low I would think he was smart but why now? What does Ron know that we don’t? Any thoughts

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    • I often wonder also, but then he also has a stock option clause so he gets it cheap anyways. Look into his past transactions and see how much he paid. With the way I see how the company is going, I predict the stock falling farther but that is only my opinion. I'm no legal analyst so don't quote me.

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      • are you people just makings things up as you go?! - check the INSIDERSLAB report- or check INSIDER TRANSACTIONS @ your brokerage 'research' section- and you will see than Ron- is a NET BUYER- (so you can understand in simple language- that means he BUYS MORE than he sells- do you get it?)- all ceos of public corps take stock, stock options, cash or a combo. All CEOS have bills- so - again to keep it simple - sometimes when people need money they sell some stock-OK now - ron, and several other execs have been buying lately more than they sell- those are the undisputed FACTS- so what "does he know" to be a net buyer- that he is making a GOOD decision- omg - i see some scared boys in a mans game. If you shorted the stock- sorry- you are now on the wrong side of the trade- and you will lose your money- and no amount of lies, deception, confusion = or desperation will save you- now THAT was EASY - next !


      here are your FACTs- disposed 325,000 shares- @ 15.26, then Acquired 412,500 (by disposing of 412,500 OPTIONS) you are confused -thats a NET purchase of units and the only one- check the link- OK?

    • WRONG- if you did your homework- he was a NET BUYER- I will post in a moment the INSIDE transactions that have taken place in the last quarter. PLEASE - do your research before posting false and misleading information. In fact there have several inside stock purchases recently - ill post the link in a minute.

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