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  • yaharata yaharata Sep 8, 2011 1:07 PM Flag

    Staples is trading at 8 years low!!!

    Even lower than march 2009 - ($14.81 the price back then).
    Revenues up 15% y/y. HUGE online business. What is going on?

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    • the revenue increases are probably due to closing of stores and layoffs. Therefore, they are fake revenues as they are not selling more product(selling a lot less), yet they are saving the money on the closing of stores every day along with the layoffs. But eventually there won;t be any more chicken on the bone to eat(layoff and close stores) and then the real staples will be there for everyone to see; a company that can;t increase revenues on selling product alone and then its game over.

      Staples can;t compete with the likes of Amazon as once you're shopping on Amazon, you;re going to do ALL your shopping. Why go out of your way to go to staples website and overspend? You're ALREADY on Amazon!


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      • Wow !!! Someone else who finally sees Staples for what they really are. A bunch of no brains idiots that think by closing stores, laying off workers, cutting payroll and showing their underappreciation for their workers by taking as much as they can from them to cut spending is going to save the company. Ask any employee of Staples what they really think of the company and you probably won't find too many positive comments. They give more and more and the company takes even more than the workers can give. Their latest idea for health insurance is a HSA. Not something like BCBS that covered doctors vistits or RX from the beginning. Only after meeting either $1500 or $3000 deductible does the insurance help. They also devised a computer program years ago to give you a raise. Most of the time it is just pennies. But they are converting many stores ( at an high cost ) to wireless cell phone stores or Tech Stores. Where do you think that money is coming from? It isn't going to come from the stock holders. Watch the price of their products they sell closely.

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