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  • CheeksCheeks26 CheeksCheeks26 Jan 16, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    If my experience is any indicator....

    this stock is going down.

    My laptop broke so I went to staples for a new one. One of the employees was pretty helpful in answering some questions and I purchased a computer. I left my hard drive with them and purchased the $99 data transfer service. He said the technician was not there at the time, so I would have to pick it up the next day (friday) or possibly Saturday if he was backed up. So at this point I'm wondering why they only have one person performing this service.

    I did not receive a call either day. So Sunday (Day 3), I call in and ask if it is done and I'm told they have not gotten to it yet. Monday (Day 4), I am told it is ready. I go to the store and they show me what was transferred and they left out most of what I asked for (emails, photos, and music). Unfortunately, the technician is not there because he has left for the day (it's 4pm). The manager states that he will do it first thing in the morning.

    The next morning (Day 5) I go in at noon assuming it was done. It has not been done. I am told by one electronics department person that he came in at 10am that day. The other person said he just went on break and would be back at 1:30pm (nice break!). I ask if someone else could please help that I need my computer now and we're already three days past the mark. They said no, only the technician (does he really exist?).

    I immediately ask for my money back. The manager processes my request and returns my hard drive. I then ask to see the new computer with the partial transfer so I can delete them. She says no... The technician will do it. I request it be done now so I can see that it is actually completed- clearly I question their ability to do anything at this point. She says I can wait 1.5 hours for the technician if I want to verify it is done because they do not know how to delete things. I just leave and warn them that any breach of my personal info will result in a lawsuit. Somewhat comforting - I got a call two hours later confirming deletion and that they wiped the hard drive just as a precaution.

    By the time I received the call two hours later I had purchased a laptop at Best Buy along with a USB Hard drive adapter and transferred all of my files onto my new computer. I repeat, two hours. The Best Buy employee noted that I had this option if I felt comfortable doing it myself (I had no idea these existed!). Great customer service.

    Today I received a call from the Staples services department in corporate asking about my experience. As I get into my story they said "so.... you didn't actually use the service?" I reply that after 5 days they were unable to deliver it so I demanded my money back. She basically says "oh, then we don't need your input if you didn't use the service" and hangs up.

    So, I buy a service that is promised for one or two days and even after 4 days they mess it up, promise the next day and cant deliver on that. Then would not delete my personal information in front of me. In the meantime it's glaringly obvious that the 'technician' is probably some high school kid who stops by when he can to pick up computers. A full time employee would have been there at least once when I was there. Finally, customer service doesn't want to hear what's wrong with their service or business. They are like robots reading questions without thinking.

    Ok, I feel better. ANyhow, this is one branch and one situation, but this electronics services experiment is a disaster if you ask me. They lost my computer purchase and future business because of it.

    -A former customer.

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