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  • joe_gbrt joe_gbrt Apr 2, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    " Fool me once " w/ this Stock


    Peoples will wise up , I bought the other day 1 Composition Notebook , pack of pens , cost $13 , 3 rolls of Scotch Tape ( they don't sell them individually @ Staples ) !! WHAT ARE THEY NUTS ? . The cost of these items in the Super Market would've been less than 10 Bucks ! ... Fool Me Once ! you got me , But I will never step foot inside that Staples or any other again . The Composition Note Book had 3 fewer lines per page than the ones @ the Super Market ... Real Clever . We all know who helped that store from the start .

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    • Have you ever shopped at a supermarket and not bought milk on sale? Eggs on sale? It happens all the time. Do you go on to that Company's message board and complain? Based on your don't. Nothing on any posts about gas prices being too high, airline tickets being too high, your Xanax being too high...seems to me you are here for a different reason. IMO

    • Thanks for the enlightened explanation. You are now on my "ignore list."
      P.S. Hope you didn't miss your bus.

    • Ah, now it all become clear as I review your last couple of posts: Yours wasn't a customer complaint; you are short. Suggest you cover soon, or you may not have enough left over to buy that Scotch tape.

    • First, I don't think the company is expecting to live or die based on your type of purchases. Second, it doesn't sound like you own/owned the stock at all, but were just a disgruntled customer (or you are short and are angry about losing money because the stock is moving higher). And third, if you already knew that the cost of your items would have been less in the supermarket, why did you buy at Staples in the first place? Maybe a better line than "fool me once", would be "stupid is as stupid does."

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