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  • peekman469 peekman469 May 7, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    I smell a dead fish here

    The staples store in canada sale apple products, The US region use to years ago but then pulled all product....

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    • I think you got it a little in reverse. My understanding is that Apple did not give authorization to Staples to be an authorized reseller of Apple products. What caused Apple to make that decision is beyond me. Something must of gone down for Apple to make that decision. Perhaps an Amazon type of the world worked out a non compete clause with Apple. It is just a mystery to me. I once asked a sales rep at a Staples store why they didn't carry Apple products and he thought it was because the margins were to slim to carry it. Me thinks there is more to it than just that. IMHO the sales staff at Staples, generally speaking, are not that knowlegeable about computers and high tech in general. And this hurts Staples. The computer geeks at Best Buy and at the Apple store blow the Staples sales staff out of the water as to computer/tech knowledge. Just my opinion.

    • Ok So what excuse did mgt give for not carrying Apple products in the USA. I'd love to know the answet to that too !!!!

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