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  • vfw123_99 vfw123_99 Aug 16, 2012 5:10 PM Flag

    Office Staples Max

    They should do a 3-way.

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    • Question, amazon has been operating a break even to get revenue. What do you think will happen when they raise prices to actually make a profit? and when they have to pay sales tax in every state.. coming very soon?

      My view is that Amazon will lose a significant amount of market share and most likely will not be able to compete with combined online, same day shipping. I can't imagine that businesses like the multiple shipments they get with amazon orders of products.

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      • It's a very good question. Personally I think the stock gets crushed. It is one of the most overvalued companies out there right now as it is. However, SPSL is very profitable compared to AMZN overall sales right now. That is why I think they would be better off acquiring them instead of going toe-to-toe.

        To answer your second question, not only do companies not like getting multiple packages & shipments for an order, they down right HATE it. AMZN isn't going to be rewarded mega Fortune 500 contracts anytime soon the way it is operated now which why they will need to make some drastic changes if they are serious about competing in the OS segment.

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