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  • whatashamesr whatashamesr Aug 30, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Print and copy!

    You have a bunch of retail fools trying to run Staples Print and copy... The inexperience of this group is amazingly sad. they walk around bumping into things without thinking through what is really needed. It's the blind leading the blind!! They don't seem to understand printing process and procedure. They hire GM's who don't have print experience!!! just look at Dallas DCS!! The GM and asst GM are so rediculousley inexperienced it's humorous! The GM sits in the office all day and hardly interacts with the shop except when HR or the brass come to town. She's an expert manipulator!! The asst GM is inexperienced and lacks manners and print knowledge! this guy barely knows how machines operate. He's a glorified bindery guy. They think his positon as a CSR qualified him for Asst GM. HAHAHAHA. The one guy who knew anything was let go because he was experienced and got frustrated with the facility management and challenged them! I'm sure not all DCS's are like this, but these 2 flunkies need to go!! The facility Associate survey was horrible and corporate shrugged it off! Coroprate needs to open their eyes and get their heads out of their #$%$. Smoke and mirrors boys! If this is the way they run things... GOD help US!!

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    • They do everything #$%$ backward.. by the time they figure it out and get to where they should be now, the print technology will have out paced them!! They have to many retail idiots trying to apply a pens and paper clip method to printing. Please get someone who knows something about printing and who can incorporate retail and commercial together!!!! The wasted time and wasted resources is incredible!!! Waste is huge!!

    • they take care of their own - cretins hire cretins back to school is over; watch this POS sink to $11

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