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  • berneo berneo Aug 14, 1998 5:31 PM Flag

    Correct me if I am wrong!

    am thinking about getting in at 30 1/ you consider this a good entry point???

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    • I am not sure exactly how much money you plan to
      invest in this, there are a few things to think

      If you are planning on putting a couple thousand in,
      you could do a popular method of investing a fixed
      amount each month. This is fairly safe. For

      If you buy at 30 1/2 and for some reason next month
      it's down to 29 1/2 you can buy more for cheaper. If
      it's up to 33 1/2 you can still buy more, a growth
      company isn't going to stop growing.

      Or, if you
      don't have that much money, and you want to sink it all
      in at one time there's some things to

      This stock probably won't go below $27 unless it
      splits sometime in the future. But that doesn't mean it
      won't dip down to $27, and you could make more money if
      you waited for this to happen of course.

      strategy does have a few flaws though. It might not dip
      down that much, and you could miss out. When you are
      buying a stock you should hope it keeps going, which
      means you should think long term on this one. This
      means you should be willing to take a few dips every
      now and then if in the end it has a solid growth
      outlook which, in my opinion, Staples has.

    • I would say 'yes'. Sure their P/E is over 50 but
      if they hit consensus estimates for this year and
      stay at the current stock price it will end up being a
      P/E of 40 by the end of the year. They are growing
      that fast. They've either hit or beaten all their
      goals: new store growth, earnings, etc..

      You may
      say 'sure but to keep up this growth they must
      continue to open stores at this rate and wont the market
      eventually get saturated'. Sure but they've just started
      growing internationally. Europe is an excellent market
      right now and we are just starting to get a foot in the
      door there. If they can do half as good in Europe as
      they've done here, look out.

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