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  • PaperProfit1 PaperProfit1 Aug 13, 1998 6:04 PM Flag

    Correct me if I am wrong!

    I love SPLS, and I do agree that there is nothing
    like consistency in today's market

    today's earnings report, as good as it is, cannot justify
    the PE ratio. A sign that management may agree that
    the stock is overpriced, there is no split
    anouncement, even though price is above $30, where they
    usually split.

    No matter, I will be ready to load
    up again after a little correction!

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    • with the strongest suggestion that, particualarly
      if you(not you but the person commenting on insider
      selling) are a neophyte, and you aren't really sure what
      insider selling means, or signifies, then it is a wise
      idea to do a little research on the subject before
      reading something erroneous into it.
      I learned about
      insider selling from insiders(not SPLS insiders, but
      insiders to other securities) because I too was confused
      about the significance, if any, to insider selling. I
      am not sure if there is a book or site that goes
      into this subject with any depth? If someone knows of
      one, it would be nice if they posted it for the
      benifit of others.
      I follow many issues, and it never
      ceases to amaze me that once the insider window is open,
      there is much lamenting on all of the boards that
      "insiders are selling insiders are selling" Doesn't anyone
      notice that it happens at the same times all over?

      Additionally, if you look at where the majority of the shares
      were sold(I see a broad strike price of 30.96) They
      missed out on a nice run after that period to 35 and
      change, so much for insiders dumping the stock in
      anticipation of a drop.
      I mean, if SPLS drops over the
      next earnings period, it will probably have more to do
      with global crisis' and that fall out, than any
      troubles SPLS migh be having individually, I don't know of
      many people doing a ton of buying right now; most of
      my peers are investing in index puts, and hegding LT
      favorites with puts also. Notice the put to call ratio is
      at 1.27(1.27 puts for every 1 call) the average when
      a "normal" market is .50(.50 puts to ever 1
      At any rate, SPLS has low exposure as long as our
      own economy and Europes economies are bustling along.

    • I liked your explanation but that last editorial comment spoiled it. You are too smart for that.

    • My guess is that the insiders know exactly whats
      going on. My insiders tell me that the stock will split
      before it hits the $40 range. The stock has proved
      itself over and over again. Its strong in the 30's and
      when it pushes around $40 LOOK OUT BABY..

    • he sold those too<VBG> but it's still
      doesn't mean anything, and I know from experience that
      insider selling doesn't mean anything, and that if
      something is wrong, they are expressly forbid to sell the

    • If they were selling their entire position, but
      remember, the stock recently split(along with the options
      and stock options that cover them) and people have
      increased their position in SPLS by 1/3. If you know the
      percentage of stock vs. their full vested intrest in SPLS,
      that would be one thing. It's antirely possible that
      200,000 shares is only a fraction of their vested intrest
      in SPLS, especially if you seee an excersized option
      at $5-$7 dollars and a selling priceof the stock at
      $30, I mean, that is obviously an employee converting
      stock options as part of salary. I think it's very
      bullish that insiders like Willard Mitt Romney exercised
      126,652 shares whith a stike price between $1.43-16.25,
      but he only sold 111,269 shares(for 30.96), so he
      REALLY increased his position by 15,383 shares. It just
      goes to show that if you don't understand insider
      selling, you really need to learn something about it
      before you make conclusions about it.

    • What bothers me is that holding or new buying doesn't show up. Who better than insiders to know the merits of the stock?

    • You defend the insiders against the charge of illegal selling.But this was not the issue I tried to raise;I am sure the sales were legal in the glare of SEC rules.

    • Insiders cannot sell for one month before
      earnings disclosure, and for three days after. They cannot
      sell before a major announcement, like their recent
      aquisitions either. The window for insider selling is pretty
      Additionally, if you see that someone has
      excersized options and THEN sold them, that is the most
      benign insider selling possible. You see, stock options
      are part of many employee benifits packadges and are
      considered as part of an employees salary. They have a time
      limit(usually 4-10 years) within which they must be excersized.
      If a large group of employees are excersizing stock
      options and then selling them, it probably means that a
      large bulk of the options are getting close to the time
      limit and the insiders must sell them or they expire
      Particularly if earnings have been recently announced and the
      insider window is open.
      If you look at other insider
      trades recently, there are large numbers of executives
      selling their excersized stock options, maybe in concern
      over the current market conditions? But it wouldn't be
      in response to something company specific, because
      that would be illegal.

    • Shouldn't we be alarmed by the consistent heavy selling in this fine stock ? Been going on for long time;do the officers know something we ought to know?

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