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  • mljs mljs Oct 1, 1998 1:34 PM Flag

    Watch Carefully Now!

    Yesterday, we saw a 3+ point up move from the
    lows of the day ... and on no news. What could this
    be? Well, I'll go out on a limb and suggest that we
    may be bottoming out (not just Staples, but the whole
    market as well). I suggest that what we saw yesterday
    was big money funds moving back into the market. (If
    you managed millions of other peoples' dollars, what
    type of stock would you want to move the money to

    The big money has been pulled out of the market in
    recent weeks as we stumble through global uncertainty.
    It will, at some point, reenter the market in low
    risk/high growth stocks such as Staples. With the move
    yesterday, perhaps the tide is turning and the big money is
    coming back in.

    I am only going on a hunch, but
    I shall make a prediction for you: Staples will
    move back to 30+ in the next 2-3 trading days. If this
    happens, check other bellweather stocks such as Home
    Depot, Microsoft, etc. to see if big money is flowing
    back in. (Check for high positive money flow.) If
    Staples and other big name growth stocks are experiencing
    big runups while smaller/more risky stocks are still
    floundering, then it may be time to mortgage the

    I may be a little premature and yesterday may have
    been only a glitch. But when the turnaround happens,
    what I've described above will happen. Keep an eye out
    and good luck!

    Happy Investing!

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    • Well, we dropped just as fast

      Staples and The Home Depot are two of my favorite stocks-
      even lately.

      I agree 100% that we may be
      bottoming out. Now that everyone is freaked out, it is a
      great time to load up on SPLS. Let's get back in the

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