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  • prudent456 prudent456 Oct 6, 1998 7:58 PM Flag

    Financial writer is predicting huge mark

    The market is really volatile and as much as I
    like Staples , I hesitate to buy too many shares for
    this reason. Our company employees have found the
    following new site fascinating. It has financial forecasts,
    late breaking news, Year 2000 problem... It has a
    forecast on upcoming market drop. However, I think the
    future of Staple s looks good.

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    • you have a finacial paper predicting a market
      drop? look around you bud, the market IS flushing as we
      speak. What happens when all of the internet investors
      get margins calls??? they sell the stocks still up
      for the year, the stocks that still don't totally
      suck, the stocks that still have some balls!! They sell
      SPLS to cover their stupid pathetic pipe dreams of
      AMZN with a market cap bigger than MSFT.
      they are f*cking my favorite stock of all time,
      SPLS... reliable, predictable, make it's numbers, good
      management, nice little 3/2 splits ever other year or so. And
      because some dipwad got greedy when the dow touched 9000+
      and loaded up on PFE(the p*nis picker upper stock),
      and AMZN(the stock that will never make any money),
      and sixty small caps, my nice predictable well
      managed SPLS gets to bend over and grab it's ankles.

      There shouldbe a f*cking IQ test administered before
      they let people invest.... of course... all in my
      humble opinion<VVVBG>

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