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  • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Nov 7, 1998 12:23 AM Flag

    Has anyone confirmed earnings release 11

    All my sources (Zacks, whispernumbers, etc.) all
    say 11/12. Has anyone heard differently. I assume
    we'd be after the close. Part of me would rather have
    another day. The 800 pound gorilla in the form of Dell
    announces the same day and time. Hope SPLS doesn't get
    lost. However, if we have a good number and Dell is as
    strong as I think they will be (I'm guessing blowout
    numbers), then get a small gift from Mr. G & boys the
    following Tuesday, the next week to 10 days could be very
    good to us longs.

    The only thing to do now is
    keep every vital anatomy part crossed until next

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    • touche...well said...good to see another william oneiler..happy friday

    • Who cares if P/E is too high, if stock has low
      P/E it has a reason. IBD founder William O'Neal said
      it very well..Sammy Sosa and Mark Mc Mgower make big
      bucks why...their P/E is high..but it is performance
      that counts....

      Hope it hit 40 tomorrow. Pray

    • If you really shop in a Staples you would know we
      dont have rain checks! 29Q better than Wall Street
      est. whats to wonder? They have set tuff goals but
      they dil. all the time. There has been a shift in the
      market and Staples is winning big!

    • thank you for letting us know your opinion...what
      you have to say is important...but ...what are you
      doing in a stock, on a message board that you can't
      stand?...sell and move on...

      next.....i couldn't
      disagree more with zebra spits opinion on saying spls was
      a sell....look at the volume again today, up on
      huge volume, lilttle over 2million shares than
      average...this stock is coming out of a base, it is under
      institutional accumulation and has has been clearly
      breaking out of a base for the last week...i have only had
      call options on it and in fact i will be buying
      regular shares tomorrow...

      as for pe...again...i
      couldn't disagree with zebra spit my opinion,
      P/E ratios of winning stocks performance has very

      little to do with if a stock should be bought or not.
      Percentage increase in earnings per share is substantiallly
      more crucial than P/E for impressive stock
      performance. If a stocks PE is cheap there usually is a
      reason....Earnings earnings earnings and relative strength...

    • so when do you plan to sell your calls, mine are
      Dec 35's; not long term enough take advantage of the
      split. I plan to trade up to some late spring calls,
      maybe further out of the money if SPLS builds support
      solidly in the low to mid 30's, stochastics look
      overbought, but they haven't turned down yet.... a pull back
      and stabelization to the low 30's in the next few
      weeks would make SPLS very strong going into the next
      I am having a nice glass of red wine to celebrate
      tonight. The whole market will probably sink into oblivion
      tomorrow and next week, but things are looking good

    • Becuase of DELL going down, investor has to take
      the money out from tech stock and put it into
      something safe like SWY, SPLS, SLR, SBUX..etc.

      my opinion. Hopefully we will see 40 before the end
      of tomorrow.

      Just keep an eye on BEFORE THE
      BELL activity, if it is up tick..get ready for the
      reward, if down tick then fasten your seat belt.

      am long with CALL 35 option ( big block ), Hopefully
      I should get some money out of it.


    • I was at a party given by Mongomery Securities
      about 2 months ago. I asked them about SPLS(it's
      probably my favorite LT holding), he said the main reason
      that SPLS had held it value better than ODP and OMX,
      even tho all three were really good companies, was
      that SPLS had chosen to expand internationally in
      Europe, and had bypassed the chance to open stores in
      Japan and other Asian countries. He said SPLS
      competitors had decided instead to expand into Asia. And
      since the stench of Asia has been very hard to shake
      this year by most companies who do business there,
      that's the primary reason the share prices of the three
      companies had diverged. With some improvement in Asia ODP
      has perked up considerably.
      Just between you and
      I, I've been thru this split thing before with SPLS.
      They announce them so far out before the split ever
      happens, that the day traders who buy in for the near term
      pop the announcement affords the stock get bored and
      exit the stock. If this event cooincides with a
      broader market downturn, you may be able to get out of
      the puts at that time?
      Anything... don't worry
      about my feelings with the name calling, I have seen
      much worse flames than that, the poor guy just lost
      some money and he's venting. I feel for the guy. He'll
      have to cover tomorrow, probably at 37, and that's
      gotta hurt. I don't think SPLS is going to have the
      same reaction with regards to whisper as DELL will,
      everyone will just be so darn happy about the

    • Thanks for the answer zebraspit. As for me, the
      board should have a place for shorts and long when
      everyone knows their positions. Although I disagree with
      zebraspit on the question of SPLS, I certainly welcome his
      comments. We just have a different take. If we all agree,
      we stagnate and don't learn anything.

      As for
      me, I've had just the oppposite reaction to SPLS vs.
      HD. HD just opened a new store near my house 2-3
      months ago. Last week they closed it because it was
      falling apart. That doesn't look good when a home
      improvement company can't even build their building so it
      doesn't fall apart. HD has run out the small mom and pop
      chains, but they still have a great deal of competition,
      especially from Lowe's. Around here, it's a pitched battle,
      with Lowe's more than holding their own. Then you
      throw in the ServiceStar, ACE hardware, et al and HD
      does not have a free road. Those of us who are
      hardware-challenged prefer a small store where we can get good advice
      and will pay more for it. Advice from sales help at
      HD (or Lowe's) is, from what I've seen, as good as
      your next-door neighborhood teenager. No wonder their
      building is falling apart.

      I do what little
      shopping I need for office supplies (especially my
      computer stuff) at SPLS. The OD is a bit closer but I've
      had the opposite reaction. The SPLS is always well
      stocked here, and the sales staff is always on top of
      everything. If I'm the second person in line, they invariably
      open a second register. If the copy center isn't busy,
      they ring up sales. OD doesn't do that, at least
      around here.

      I guess it all comes down to where
      you're looking.

      Was the report as good as I
      hoped. Not quite. Not bad but nothing to write home
      about either. However, this whisper number drives me
      nuts. Who is it that is whispering. Maybe if some of us
      had whispered .15 it would look great. The number was
      .23. How was it in comparison to previous quarters?
      What is the long-term outlook? How does the balance
      sheet and income statement look? These are the critical
      numbers. At least for me. The whisper number to me
      certainly makes shreds of the concept of a "rational"

      Finally, am I the only one who thinks that the name
      calling (of both Rachimov and Zebraspit) needs to stop
      --- NOW!!!!!

    • Thanks for your considered argument. You do a
      good job of describing past behavior of these two
      stocks, but....
      things have a way of changing rapidly
      and dramatically in the stock market.
      A lot can
      change in a couple of week(as we've seen recently), much
      less, in a few months. (My puts are March)

      of luck to you.

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