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  • Rachimov Rachimov Nov 13, 1998 10:48 AM Flag


    why don't YOU give it a rest, ya little potty mouth.
    A whore? you are giving me the laugh of the day!

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    • Hopefully this board can remain 'Sarju' free next week unless he's got something to say on the real subject behind why we all look at and post this board regularly. GO SPLS! Monday pop!

    • Hey Suisi!

      Your English is Not that smooth
      either dumb sob.

      Is this an English context? Or
      this is a hook on Fonic message broad?

      Stop all
      these trash talks and get back to the subject- that is

    • Have you ever heard the expression, "Go back to
      work"? (Probably not since you obviously never worked a
      day in your life.) Well, if you had, you would
      understand my "Go back to not working" as a play on the
      expression and the fact that you are an unemployed lard ass.

    • Just couldn't resist.....that was my last post on
      the sad sack Sarju subject. HEY! Does anyone have a
      take on why that silly girl Amy Ryan at Prudential
      effected the downgrade. Just nosebleed P/E? I listened to
      a GREAT office products conference call today by
      Aram Rubinson - a GREAT analyst! - at Paine Webber. He
      was VERY bullish on Staples. Amy Ryan is/was/will be
      forever long on OfficeMax. And that says it all really
      about the quality of her calls. But, that said, anyone
      have a take on what happens Monday?

    • no no no, I always watch the home shopping
      channel at night. They have fabulous collector dolls
      which are hand signed by the artist, and I have at
      least 7 millions dollars worth of beanie babies....
      those are investments too ya know!
      How do you know I
      am white? And yes I DO focus on not writing well, I
      think it adds immeasurable charm to my posts.
      does one "Go back to NOt working"? I am not working
      NOW, have can I go BACK to not working? You are so
      silly! Did you try the web site I linked here for you?

    • Actually, I don't need to focus to write

      Do you focus on NOT writing well?

      I've seen
      you use the word "I'de" many times. What does it
      mean? Since English is obviously not my first language,
      I thought maybe you'd be able to help me. (Or is
      that "you'de"?) -- duh.

      Go back to NOT
      working...maybe you can watch COPS tonight. I understand that's
      what unemployed white trash does on Friday night.

    • That post was much better! No bad words, and your
      syntax looks like you were really focusing!
      How do
      you know what my trading style is like, when you
      couldn't find your own *ss with a compass and both
      You are here posting, and you don't know why? You
      don't like the stock, and you aren't short the stock,
      boy I am so glad you have all that time to waste
      posting inanely profane comments on a BB of a stock you
      have no vested interest in, whew, I wish I had that
      kind of time... then I'de be able to take my fat ass
      on down and spend some quality Bingo playing
      time..... Bingo being a highly under rated past time,
      You brain farts are so thick, It's getting foggy in
      here. That is a hideous smell... but you know what they
      say, "Garbage in, Garbage out".....

    • How much are you making on those calls, genius?

      I would have thought your trading ability would have been better than your English. Guess not.

      • 1 Reply to sarju_l2
      • you are making a fool of yourself, since you have
        no idea what my financial means or trading abilities
        are. I have already posted what my cost basis is on my
        calls(1.09) I sold a little less than half of them yesterday
        for 2 3/4, and I am planning to sell the other half
        of them today.
        LOL, my trading ability, what
        exactly ARE you talking about? What do you know about
        trading? You actually shorted a stock with a very
        predicatble split and earnings history, you have no one but
        yourself to blame for your own lack of DD.
        And btw. I
        don't NEED a regular job, unlike yourself, I do my
        homework before I commit money to a play. Since it's
        obvious your congnitive abilites are par with a 12 year
        old who has newly discovered profanity, I doubt you
        will learn anything about the importance of DD from
        your experience shorting SPLS.
        You little potty
        mouth doesn't bother me, I can recognize the temper
        tantrum of a 12 year old when I see one.

    • If you want a real laugh, think back at what you
      thought you'd accomplish by the time you turned 29 and
      look at yourself now. I guess that would be more of a
      "real cry", wouldn't it?

      Get your fat ass away
      from the TV and start job hunting you lazy bitch!

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