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  • MiddleKingdom98 MiddleKingdom98 Jan 13, 1999 7:21 PM Flag

    Question 2

    When will SPLS split? What is the target price for SPLS in the next few week?

    If anyone can help, it would be great. Thank

    • you are right i meant 1500. thanks

    • Not every shareholder has a clue, we who HAVE a
      clue must try to be patient with those who are
      verifiably clueless(we were all clueless at some point in
      our investing careers). You see every public company
      who splits adds that little part about "Shareholders
      of record....blah blah blah" on purpose as a little
      insider joke on the clueless; we must also giggle and
      just try to patiently explain (without using the words
      "moron" "clueless" "Scroll back" and "lazy") that no
      matter when you buy your SPLS stock( or SPLS options)
      you will get whatever the fair value of SPLS is at
      that moment, and it is not going to miraculously lose
      value post split if you don't buy it before the of
      record date.
      Just be thankful you don't own DELL,
      talk about a BB that is full of the startelingly
      clueless! I have never seen so much drivel about splits,
      asked so redundantly, in my life!

    • the Asian stores<VBG>? That's their
      achilles heel right now, SPLS was just lucky enough not to
      expose themselves to that market.
      Accelerating WHAT
      lead over SPLS in Eu? It's great for ODP's
      shareholders that they are finally looking for potential in
      the Eu market(which still has a pulse) vs.
      Japan(Which has been seen as a negative(!!) by the street).
      Wouldn't want to be a day late and a dollar
      short<rolling eyes>

    • ....a European chain of Office Products
      superstores (with 70 stores, 60 in the UK) called Office
      World, thus (when you consider the Euro platform VKNG
      gave ODP) accelerating ODP's lead over SPLS in

      SPLS will counter by buying CEXP - which is located in
      many European markets - soon though.

    • You will get the dividend as long as you own the
      stock prior to the split date. No one, I REPEAT NO ONE,
      would buy one share of stock that is 45 dollars on 1/19
      knowing that the same share would be 30 dollars in 10
      days. The record date you mentioned is simply the date
      for CASH divididends, NOT stock dividends.

      bought 100 shares of Dell 1 day before the last split.
      My account was fully adjusted the day of the split
      -- no problem.

      If the stock splits prior to
      opening 1/29, if you bought 100 shares at 45 bucks at
      3:59 on 1/28, you'd have 150 shares valued at 30/share
      at 0930 on 1/29. Got it?

    • Dear Sir,
      I just read your message about the
      record date (SPLS), and i'm confused now, cuz according
      to this (Record date: The date on which a
      shareholder must own a company's stock to be entitled to
      receive a dividend.) which is one of the glossary terms
      at this site
      (, and according to this, nobody will be entitled to
      receive the dividend except those who bought it at any
      time before the closing of Jan. 18th. so, please tell
      me what do u think about it.

    • 1000 * 3 = 3000
      3000 / 2 = 1500

      45 * 2 = 90
      90 / 3 = 30

      3 * 1000 / 2 does NOT equal 1000.

    • SPLS has a tendency to announce a split well in
      advance of the actual split date. This lends itself well
      to a breather period about half way to the actual
      split date. You can see that before SPLS LAST split, it
      actually dipped BELOW it's 50 day MA, and indeed even
      dipped below what it selling BEFORE they announce the
      split in the first place.
      IMO, it is a very healthy
      thing for SPLS to do a little consolidating pre-split,
      since it was trading at a price to earnings of around
      80, which is far and above both it's growth rate, AND
      it's historically supportable PE. I would not be
      surprised to see it trading much higher(possibly touching
      it's recent high of 48 and higher) the closer we get
      to the split and then take another brief breather
      post split and then run up again in advance of
      For anyone interested in the technical
      definitions of calls/puts
      please try this
      Shorting a stock works like this: OK, If you think AMZN is
      going to go down to 100 soon, you can borrow someone
      else's shares and then promise to sell them to someone
      else for 120(Meaning you've shorted AMZN at 120) so
      when AMZN hit's 100, you buy(cover) AMZN for 100 bucks
      and then sell them for 120. The reason it's done is
      that you don't have to actually own AMZN stock to
      short AMZN, and it's one way you can make money if the
      stock is in a delcine(which was important over the
      summer and the market was so weak). The reason it's very
      risky is because if AMZN immeadiately goes to 160, you
      STILL have to sell those borrowed shares for 120, so
      you have to cover at 160 and then sell it for 120,
      incurring a big loss. And that's one of the reason the
      internet stocks are so high right now; people keep
      shorting them based on valuation and then if they start to
      go up all of the shorts have to rush in and
      cover(buy up the stock) so the prices get totally out of
      control because their seems to be an inexaustable supply
      of shorts out there,lol. One book I liked about the
      market was called "Stock Market WIzard". But I am sure
      if you use an online brokerage they may have some
      educational material you can read about alternatives to just
      buying stock outright.
      One really good way to hedge
      your own stock is to sell covered calls, if you want a
      discription about how that works, you can email your
      brokerage and ask them or email me(, I
      can give you a brief synopsis of how that works.

    • you said that if you own 1000 shares after the
      split you will own 50 percent more making it 1500
      shares. i used the formula 3 times 1000 divided by

      you said that if the stock was 45 @ the closing of
      the day before the split, then the price would be 30
      dollars on the opening the next day,is the formula
      reverse $45 divided by 3 =$15, times 2 =$30?

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