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  • tofu9s tofu9s Jan 18, 1999 12:43 PM Flag

    spls stock price to fall ???

    what is all this talk about the company driving
    the stock price from about 45 to as low as 30 ???? i
    predicted weeks ago that this stock was overpriced at 48
    and was due to fall to the 30's, but i'm confused by
    this talk about an exact date that the company is
    gonna drop the price...personally, if the price falls
    below 37 as someone guessed,then i'll be buying as much
    as i can [as soon as i figure out this other
    stuff]...or should i wait until the company does its thing???

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    • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Jan 27, 1999 12:42 PM Flag

      Nine days ago you said you'd buy all you could if
      it dropped below 37. Now you're all doom and gloom
      that it'll never perform again. What up?

      been dissing SPLS for quite a while, and that's all
      right (no one jump him {or her} for that). Personally
      as a believer in SPLS and a very happy long, I'd
      agree with you that 48 was completely and totally out
      of reason -- call it the power of TV. Heck 42 is
      about as top as I'd go now (and that would be with my
      nose held) -- until the earnings come out and we get
      some forward looking statements from mgmt. However,
      this thing has shown enormous support around the 39-40
      range and it just won't go lower than that. Until
      Friday when it hits 26+ on open. Should we expect a
      split every year -- probably not. Will we take it --
      you betcha.

      So now we tread water for a while.
      OK by me. I'm not in this for the day-to-day
      volatility. Ignore the interim fluff stuff and all will be
      fine in the end. Of course that's just MHO.

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      • .....I said I'd buy all I could under $37 or
        after I figured out all of this [stock split] stuff ---
        well, now I would buy all I can under $34 [pre-split]
        ---that means post-split I think I can buy SPLS at $22.67
        or less and I will buy all I can----- But history
        shows me there will be a drop somewhere---also, this
        split a year is not maintainable---maybe 2 every 5
        years!! or maybe a 4 for 3 split in the future--- I'd
        take that, wouldn't everyone????

    • Does anyone know when the stock is going to split?

    • this means that while it's market cap and PE will
      remain the same, the price of the stock will decrease by
      1/3 over night. what happens is that is SPLS is worth
      45 bucks as of Jan 28th, you will wake up Jan 29th
      and the stock will open at 30 bucks. There will not
      be any real change in the value or market cap of
      SPLS, it's just that the outstanding shares will
      increase by 1/3, so the pie will be a bit smaller for each
      individual share.
      SPLS PE will not go down or up after
      the split either(PE+Price/earnings so say SPLS price
      actually is 45 at the time of the split making it's PE
      80.38, earnings being.56, POST split the price of the
      stock will be cut by 1/3, but so will the EPS to .37,
      so you still have a PE of 30 / .37= 81).
      At any
      rate, a split doesn't add anything numerically to the
      bottom line of the company or the stock, it's just a way
      to keep the stock affordable, and increase the

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