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  • dmclaugh60 dmclaugh60 Jan 22, 1999 10:24 AM Flag

    Any thoughts???

    Any thoughts on what's up with STPLS price, up/down? Where is it going???

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    • I am very encouraged by both the volume and the
      strength of SPLS the day after the split. It seems
      management really times this split well to keep investor
      interest during the premium IRA inflow months, and now we
      go into what bodes to be a very strong retail
      earnings season with SPLS trading extremely well. I
      particularly like that their MACD charts are curling under,
      and consolidation thus far has been so painless. TA
      wise they are poised for a nice upside run just prior
      to earnings, this, in addition to what historically
      is a very strong month for fund inflows(What's
      everyone doing their THEIR Xmas bonus'?<VBG> I
      bought MSFT and SPLS and a little small cap called
      APEX), and the additional bonus of SPLS being in the S&P
      this year, when so many investors want to be indexed,
      it could be the best year ever for SPLS, and I am
      just glad I found this quiet little gem.
      Good luck
      to everyone! Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed
      for a good strong earnings announcement.

    • the less premium, it's primarily because a $10
      move on MSFT is a relatively low % move, but a $10
      move for SPLS is a double digit % move.
      It usually
      takes CBOE a few days to get the options straightnened
      out after a split, longer for a 3/2 split. but I
      noticed fidelity had it straightened out right away, so
      possibly checking your home brokerage site is more
      accurate also?

    • I want to lock in some gains and lower cost by
      selling calls on a portion of my holdings. The sept 40's
      seem to be at bid @7 7/8
      Is this possible? That
      seems like a bargain and a great premium. Does anyone
      know if that is the actual quote or if it has just not
      been adjusted for the split? Please help!!! SPLS
      doesnt seem volatile enough to command such a high
      premium but pre split, 7 7/8 seems to low for a stock
      trading in the money with 6 months to go.


    • Up 1 1/8 from yesterday close.

      Have a good weekend!!!!

      There is some very good educational stuff about options there too.

    • Owning a stock that doesn't cause sleep loss ought to be worth a few bucks by itself!

    • For option prices go to

    • Rachimov, do you know of a web sight that has the option prices? I am not able to use my broker's web sight to get that info.


    • It was my first options play when it split last
      year that I came up with all by myself(no broker, no
      husband). I had the 21 and change(all numbers are post
      split adjusted) calls from the day they announce the
      split untill the day they split, made nearly three
      times my money on them, and called out the stock at 21
      and change, bought more at 26. I just love the
      steadiness of the stock and the rock solid management. Even
      in a really down market, I have never lost sleep
      over SPLS. I am not sure how they do it?

    • Well I tried to do too much in my head.. My share
      counts went 100,150,175,262,393,589 but the 175 should
      have been 225. Oh well, I see some others came up with
      the correct answer. No wonder I have a B- in math :-(

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