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  • tofu9s tofu9s Feb 18, 1999 10:42 AM Flag

    spls is in a trading range and is still

    to the overall market and its volatility !! I
    agree with the buy on the dips opinion, but IMHO, the
    dips will soon get to 23!! That right, people, buy on
    the dips below 24 or 25,take your pick. And as to
    spls returning 130% last year[earlier post], no way
    will it return that much this year. Has anyone looked
    at the p/e lately???? Come on, if a 5-10% market
    correction occurs,SPLS will hit $23.67 easy !!!!!!![ that's
    my target low ] Is this a great company or what

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    • a 1-2% shrink is not bad for retail stores, but
      staples is trying to attract a different clientel, there
      nuber four store in canada does about 12 mil a year @
      1% that is 120000 in shrink, for business people?
      (above average customers are what they try to attract
      80% of the year, then they switch to focus on back to
      school customers, that are called onetimers, they shop
      there only once a year.out of that min of 120, 000
      there is @least 60,000 coming from employees.. this is
      also a store that says they hire the best and
      brightest ..i am just saying that they have a lot of
      internal problems (theft, and people managment skills)
      that they are improving, but they are only one of the
      best managed companies at the top, but when you start
      to move to local managers.. there is a different

    • Don't have numbers to back it up, but a 1-2%
      shrinkage rate wouldn't really seem out of line for most
      retailers. In fact I'd expect it to be even a bit higher.
      And the majority of shrinkage at ANY company comes
      from employees. Not all malicious either. How many of
      us have walked out with a pen from the office in our
      pockets? So if the numbers you report are accurate, I
      wouldn't worry at all. In fact, I'd be impressed that they
      are doing a good job.

      At least that's MHO.

    • I used to work for staples(currenly do just on a
      loa), the company does a lot of stuff right, when it
      comes to sales, and overall managnment. but the store
      gm's are not as good as you would like to believe.

      most of the stores in can/us experience a 1-2 percent
      shrink ratio: of that almost half is supposed to come
      form staff... now what does that tell you ... hmm,
      after a huge theft (internal) in my store they gave
      everybody a raise .. staples is cracking down on this buy
      hiring pi's to come in etc, there are hidden cameras...
      this does not sound like a well managed company to me

      i like the company and they are learning,
      i to am an invester

    • Do not have a strong feeling that this will overwhelm the market compared to how Office Depot was treated.

      Will appreciate comments.

    • All I can say is that I hope the third little
      voice isn't telling you to get Tofu on your pizza. The
      psychological ramifications from eating yourself are postively
      mind boggling. Sort of like not buying SPLS at


    • I have ben following this stock for the past 7
      years and every year since year one there are always so
      called"people in the know" who claim that Staples is at its
      peak or overpriced or will never generate the rate of
      return on the previous year. I guess the odds are that
      one year someone will be right and look smart. That
      day hasn't come yet.

      • 1 Reply to r02134
      • [1] FYI- I have never ever claimed to be a
        "people in the know"- just want to clear that up.
        Am I to assume that you think SPLS will match or
        exceed last year's 130% return??
        [3] My first "spls
        is too high" comments were when spls was at $48 [now
        $32]- and it was too high, at least on a short term
        basis.....Do you have a price and date target? If so, feel
        free to post your opinion like I do! I enjoy the
        discussions here, even yours. In fact, I wish I had owned
        SPLS for the last 7 years and if you have then my hat
        is off to you. As I have said before, is this a
        great [but 4 dollar too high] stock or what !!!

    • It's bounced from 26 3/4 only about 13 times now.
      The bottom line is, the second you buy SPLS at 26
      3/4, it's going to drop. So as long as you are holding
      out, I feel safe!<VBG>
      Whatever you do Tofu,
      don't buy SPLS untill you see 23, ok?

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