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  • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Mar 2, 1999 4:59 PM Flag

    Earnings dates -- 1999

    Received an e-mail from the IR mail service about
    the rest of the year's earnings dates. They are as

    Event: First Quarter 1999 Earnings Release

    Event: Second Quarter 1999 Earnings Release

    Event: Third Quarter 1999 Earnings Release

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    • you notice that SPLS has very moderated moves to
      the downside. well, if you are SPLS management and
      you want to further reduce downside risk, you order a
      share repurchase and buy at the lower end of the range
      when the stock trades there. It further minimizes
      downside(in theory)
      The split is for a different reason,
      it keeps the price of SPLS at a reasonable level
      phychologically for investors. It easier for a small time
      investor to take a look at MSFT at 150, and SPLS at $30
      and feel better about buying 5 times as many shares
      of SPLS, especially since this last year SPLS has
      offered better returns with none of the downside of a
      trial etc. (I hold MSFT long, so I am not trying to
      slam the stock, but SPLS is just less voilatile). So,
      primarily it's a psychological thing for investors

    • Judge_Smales_at_Bushwood Judge_Smales_at_Bushwood Mar 4, 1999 11:47 AM Flag

      <<<<My guess is they will beat by .02
      and the stock will take out it's prior high in the
      next two weeks.>>>>


      Long time since I've been here my

      Question for the day:
      Why increase the float with a
      split and then decrease it with a


    • Hopefully 6% economic growth last quarter
      translates into more business for SPLS.
      Frankly, I hope
      they beat the number by 1 (with your 22) and massage
      any excess to use later. Why waste a good number in a
      stock market environment that is too skittish to reward
      it. And building a string of beats-by-one engenders
      confidence in the company.
      (BTW, Diane at ir confirmed
      the release date/time by phone).

    • The line about the release before the bell is
      relatively new there. This is a first -- SPLS has always
      been an after the bell company, which has led to the
      confusion. Actually I'm glad it'll be before the bell --
      that we SPLS has a day to make some traction before
      TWAWKI ends with strong employment numbers on Friday.
      Gee let's see. Employment is up, especially in
      service sector. More employees need more office products.
      SPLS should benefit from that. Seems like a good
      reason to whack the stock.
      At least as logical as
      anything else on the street now.

      My guess -- 22
      cents. Only very slight outside shot at 23. There are NO
      analyst forecasts above 22.

      Oh Tofu -- TWAWKI is
      the world as we know it. Used by Y2k millelenialist

    • I even called ir to confirm it.

    • It usually dips down toword the lower end of it's
      trading range the a couple of days before earnings, It
      has more to do with momentum investors jumping out of
      the stock just prior to earnings(Since companies
      announce usually before or after, in SPLS case after, the
      bell, it's risky to be in a stock with an unkown
      variable like earnings looming during non-trading hours.
      Momentum investors can/will just jump back in first
      trading day after the announcement if earnings support a
      day trade).
      This problem is also compounded this
      time by the jobless claims report also coming out
      before the open of the market in Fri, the first trading
      day after SPLS announcement, which could inspire a
      sell off at the close on Thurs with out the mo
      investors jumping ship, lol.
      I will not be terribly
      shocked to see SPLS test under 27 for a brief time at the
      close thurs, but support has been building for that
      strike for months now, and today, even tho the S&P broke
      down all the way to the 1216 level, SPLS still did not
      test under 27, so I am not overly concerned about the
      share action right now.
      I fully expect friday's
      economic report is already priced into the market, and the
      market in general will rally at that time, which will be
      an additional boost to SPLS momentum the day after
      what I hope will be a stellar earnings report. There
      certainly wouldn't be any reason for them to not post great
      earnings, since most of the retail numbers coming out this
      Q have been very good.
      My guess is they will
      beat by .02 and the stock will take out it's prior
      high in the next two weeks.

    • from SPLS to OMX

    • I went a few minutes ago to the ir site you linked a while back. It shows earnings release as Before Market Open on Thursday.
      Can you do a re-check, I might be missing something.

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