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  • So do I get my $30 this week or what?

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    • spls management knows the the way up!

    • Calling people assholes whether you feel they are or not on this bullitin is rather juvenile and counter productive. Rumors are just that until proven otherwise. By then they are often too late.

    • stop whining let the chips fall ......hardware
      will make huge comeback thru laptop sales and new
      devices,also 1000 mhz chip soon.....50% homes have a pc...80%
      need will also remain
      selection of hardware and software very
      many task chairs can you sell? great companies do not
      sit on their ass!

    • probably a cpu short

    • First of all, truthisgood, being a successful
      business executive and an asshole are mutually inclusive
      most of the time. Many times, the way to the top of
      the corporate ladder is by throwing the people above
      you off and kicking those below you off. Would you
      want your best friend to be Al

      Secondly, you certainly didn't hear anything from anyone in
      any position to know. Because if you did and you
      acted on it, and even worse spreading it here, will
      keep you locked up at 450 Fifth Street, NW, Washington
      DC 20549 for the next few years (that's the SEC in
      case you're wondering). So the odds on you hearing
      anything other than dreck is infinitesimal. To see what
      happens to people who even marginally spread insider
      information, here's the SEC press release about fines for an
      IBM secretary talking about the Lotus

      The secretary made $7500 on the tip and:

      Cassano and R. Cassano will jointly pay $7,500
      disgorgement plus prejudgment interest and each will pay
      penalty of $7,500 while an additional $315,000 in
      for tipping others will be waived based upon their
      financial inability to pay more.".

      $315,000 waived?
      Hello??? Yeah, you've heard real info. For all the CPUers
      who talk about it, I hope it doesn't happen. Because
      you WILL be called by the SEC about it.

      importantly, the CPUers who have infected this board just
      don't get it. CPU has NOTHING that SPLS wants. They
      intentionally decided to get out of the hardware business. Now
      you expect them to buy a company in that business and
      who is losing money to boot? If you believe that, I
      have some oceanfront property in Kansas I'd like to
      sell you.

      They don't want OMX/ODP to get the
      jump on them? What's one difference between SPLS and
      the others? SPLS sells precious little hardware.
      That's one reason SPLS sells at a premium to them
      because their margins are better, because they sell so
      little low margin hardware. DUH! SPLS would be pleased
      as hell to have either of them buy CPU. It'd make
      their position even more secure.

      Someone raised
      the SKYT-WCOM deal. Well let's look at it. WCOM says
      SKYT will be immediately accretive to earnings. And in
      after hours it gets knocked down over a point. They're
      paying a 5% premium over Friday's close. These CPU
      morons think they'll get over 60% premium on a dilutive
      deal. On a deal which would immediately reduce SPLS
      margins. On a money loser. Sure! Of course, 2 months ago,
      the buyout was supposed to be at $21. Now it's down
      to $13. Maybe 2 months from now it'll be

      Would a deal to occur even at Friday's close of $8,
      SPLS would drop an immediate 20-40%. If it occured at
      $13, it'd drop to the mid teens. In one day. If you
      think Stemberg would do a deal like that (considering
      how many shares he has), you're obviously dumber than

      However, I have a proposition for all the CPU longs: since
      you say the deal will be this week, if it isn't, you
      sell your CPU shares COB Friday, and go away and leave
      the SPLS boards alone FOREVER. If a deal goes
      through, I sell my SPLS shares and stay away from the
      board forever. DEAL??

      OBTW, if you like rumors,
      maybe you'll like this one:

      Rumor has it that
      Microsoft will announce on Monday a deal to buy the Roman
      Catholic Church. With this acquisition, Microsoft will
      announce their new product, "Stained Glass Windows

      Now go away and leave us alone!!! Or to put it less
      politely, ESAD.

    • First of all my hearing is fine, second I am not
      short, third I'm not an asshole but a tremendously
      succesful business executive and fourth judging by your
      response and language you sound like an 18 year old
      college punk day trader buying and selling 100 shares
      with Dads money...enjoy memorial day

    • This situation sounds like the mix last week
      between Skytel and MCI Worldcom. We all know what happen
      there and the benefit and cost to shareholders. It
      would be nice to have the insider news so we all could
      benefit. As for me, I am going to ride the wave for a
      little while. The rewards are great.

    • your age suggests you should get your hearing checked ! slightly short are you ?? asshole

    • Sorry your upset but its a DONE DEAL, will announce shortly, that's what I hear.

    • <<Couldn't a deal be very accretive over
      time to the bottom line for a strong mangement team
      like Staples? >>

      Over time? Any deal that
      was not immediately accretive and would bring in
      revenue and income growth equal to the SPLS historical
      rates or better, would tank the stock immediately. I
      for one would sell on the day any announcement comes

      If you are holding a big loss in CPU, sell and move
      on instead of hoping for this delusional dream to
      come true.

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