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  • OyVe2u OyVe2u Jun 10, 1999 9:55 AM Flag

    Staples must be doing well

    Today Staples owner, Stemberg, is about to make a
    handsome donation to his old school and speak at this year
    graduation in Vienna, Austria.

    So, Staples must be
    doing well; and just imagine if Bill Gates were to
    follow his example in the same proportion, although
    there are schools more deserving of such generous

    Check out the following:
    and the
    link to "AIS 2000"

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    • Any, you make good points.

      But there are
      three things that suggest danger (IMHO);

      Where the hell do these rumors come from? Maybe some
      I-Banking nitwit is re-circulating them, but in general,
      I-Bankers ain't so stupid. So wherefrom? Has to be from
      Staples itself. They're telling somebody "Yeah, we're
      investigating mergers" 'cause they know the growth can't be

      2. The rapid addition of new stores in
      smaller/competitive markets has changed the office superstore
      landscape. There's no 'virgin territory' anymore. If you go
      to Staples Store #1 in Allston, MA, you'll see that
      there are now OMX and ODP stores within 2-3 miles
      (opened in the last 9 months)...this is just one example,
      but it points to a larger trend and a much different
      business environment than even 2-3 years ago.

      3. As
      a result of #2, Staples' vaunted management team
      (highly touted on this board and elsewhere)is stretched
      extremely thin and only has grow-the-business skills, not
      retrench-from-unsuccessful-store-opening skills;

      4. Staples makes heavy use of
      stock options as a form of management compensation.
      Looks good on the income statement because salaries are
      artificially low. They way underpay on salary, but while the
      stock has been a stellar performer, they way overpay on
      stock options. Lots of middlemanagement getting rich on
      options. That's all ducky, until the stock market turns.
      Then they start to loose managers hand-over-fist (see
      People Express Airlines, circa 1983), and the problem in
      #3 becomes even worse.

      So, if you've been
      long on Staples, count your blessings and get the hell

    • Business Week said MCI Worldcom would buy Skytel,
      they had that scoop 3 months ago. Well you know what
      happened on that. Now Business Week reports a
      Staples/CompUSA deal is in the works...well Business Weeks seems
      to know...
      I am betting they are correct on this
      one too, YEAH BABY YEAH!

      Mr. Walker is Sr. V.P. and
      Counsel to CPU, Mr. Skinner is CFO. There are rooms right
      now registered in those names. There are about 300
      rooms there. Coincidence? Westin - Waltham

    • Like empty stores with empty parking lots.

    • well said and with fervor...

      we'll see what we shall see as the saying goes.

      good luck!!

    • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Jun 13, 1999 10:11 PM Flag

      I have nothing against you CPUers (well except
      Brutal who is too stupid to admit when he's wrong). As
      I've said before, I hope CPU makes it -- BUT ON ITS
      OWN. Any combo of SPLS/CPU for more than, oh
      $2-3/share, kills SPLS -- and even that might too. SPLS
      driver for its high PE, as I pointed out earlier today,
      is its projected growth rate. CPU would act as a
      weight around its neck. Even assuming CPU meets the
      analyst projected 17.8% growth over the next 3-5 years
      (figures from Zack's), it still knocks down SPLS from
      their 30% growth (ok 29.4%, sue me). If SPLS growth
      drops to only 25%, the drop in SPLS price would be over
      $5/share -- guaranteed. And that's without the dilutive
      effects the CPUers are talking about. $16/share -- are
      you kidding? As I've said over and over again --
      NOBODY GETS A PREMIUM LIKE THAT. Not Exxon/Mobil, not
      TCOMA, Not SKYT -- and they are earning money -- and
      some (all?) are immediately accretive to
      Throw in dilution, and we may drop below $20 in a day.
      Dominion Resources is taking over CNG and paying about a
      25% premium for a dilutive deal, and got knocked down
      15% for it. What do you think a 100% premium would

      Were the deal actually to go through, I would not
      stick around long enough as a SPLS shareholder to get
      to know the CPUers any more. I will be in the rush
      out the door. I may lose some money, but I've taken
      enough off the table with SPLS already that I'm playing
      with house money anyway.

      On top of that, ANYone
      doing ANY deals this week is nuts -- with the CPI,
      Greenspan speech, and triple witch -- the volatility,
      especially if it goes to the down side, could wreck even the
      best of mergers.

      As for me, I've about had
      enough of it. SPLS needs to come out and defend their
      stock. Letting rumors run about a deal that most view as
      destructive to SPLS shareholders is NOT in the shareholder's
      interest. If you're a SPLS shareholder like me,
      need to let SPLS know you want them to come out and
      kill it -- NOW. Director of Investor Relations is
      Diane J. Basile. Her phone number is 508/253-7963 and
      her e-mail address is

      I posted a speech by Jim Cramer to a group of IR
      professionals earlier this week over on another board (where
      the IR sorts need help). Given that it is 5 posts
      long, I'll simply post a link to it. SPLS, as well as
      all IR departments at all companies, need to take
      EVERY word to heart. I recommend everyone who owns
      stock look at it -- does your IR live up to what he

      In closing, eddie, I certainly wish you and other
      CPUers well. Just on your own.

    • hope you enjoyed your forays to the Cpu
      I know you are hopeful that the rumors out there
      are "stupid" but you and the stapleites have to be

      Analysts are talking, execs are expressing opinions about
      the possibilities, and you've got major media
      hype...these are NOT the machinations of


      Brace yourself...if it happens, believe me you'll like
      us cpu'ers

      Tomorrow morning will be telling
      don't you think?
      Good luck to all of us.

    • OMX, ODP and others have marketing agreements
      with AOL. SPLS is the office supply provider for Yahoo
      which is why you'll see lots of banners for SPLS on the
      chat boards. Just depends on who was what agreements
      with whom.

      I'm reasonably certain that next
      week the market will move either up or down {how's
      that for advice?}. Personally, trying to guess where
      things go this week is tough. The stock market is not in
      the driver seat right now -- it's the nervous nellies
      in the bond pits. Trying to read direction from any
      trading (bonds, stocks et al) for the upcoming week based
      on a summer Friday is extremely dicey at best. The
      bond market is way oversold right now, but that's no
      guarantee that it'll rally before 6/29-30. For my money,
      the best indicator this week will not be CPI (absent
      some aberration up or down) but AG's testimony on
      Thursday to the JEC -- will he calm the waters or roil
      them? Expect massive mood swings with each sentence he
      says on Thursday. And on top of that, we have a triple
      witch the day after his testimony. The only certainty
      that this week should be exceptionally volatile,
      especially given the horrendous lack of

      Justin Lahart at nailed it right on the
      head on Friday (plug, plug -- you should try it if you
      don't have it):

      Greenspan Holds Match to
      Powder-Keg Market
      By Justin Lahart
      6/11/99 7:59 PM ET

      The coming week should
      probably be cordoned off with police tape.

      certainly looks dangerous enough. With the release of the
      May consumer price index Wednesday, Alan Greenspan
      speaking to Congress Thursday and a triple-witching
      Friday, we could be in for some rocky


      The way stocks trade from here to the Fed meeting
      will have a lot to do with how far Greenspan goes to
      clear the air. If he sufficiently maps out the Fed's
      current views on monetary policy, giving markets some
      sense of what (and how much) the FOMC may move rates,
      it could set the stage for the next leg up in the
      stock market -- either because the market perceives its
      fears are overblown or because Greenspan speaks to
      those fears. That could lead to the kind of
      capitulative selling needed to shake out weak holders and
      bring in real buyers. It may well be the former. There
      is a sense that the selling in the bond market,
      which has already priced in the Fed hiking half a
      point, is way overdone.


      Finally GFLinGA -- just make sure you have your valium
      ready. We're going to need it this week.

    • Does SPLS have $36 per share in it by mid August?

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