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  • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Jun 13, 1999 4:00 PM Flag

    Staples must be doing well

    OMX, ODP and others have marketing agreements
    with AOL. SPLS is the office supply provider for Yahoo
    which is why you'll see lots of banners for SPLS on the
    chat boards. Just depends on who was what agreements
    with whom.

    I'm reasonably certain that next
    week the market will move either up or down {how's
    that for advice?}. Personally, trying to guess where
    things go this week is tough. The stock market is not in
    the driver seat right now -- it's the nervous nellies
    in the bond pits. Trying to read direction from any
    trading (bonds, stocks et al) for the upcoming week based
    on a summer Friday is extremely dicey at best. The
    bond market is way oversold right now, but that's no
    guarantee that it'll rally before 6/29-30. For my money,
    the best indicator this week will not be CPI (absent
    some aberration up or down) but AG's testimony on
    Thursday to the JEC -- will he calm the waters or roil
    them? Expect massive mood swings with each sentence he
    says on Thursday. And on top of that, we have a triple
    witch the day after his testimony. The only certainty
    that this week should be exceptionally volatile,
    especially given the horrendous lack of

    Justin Lahart at nailed it right on the
    head on Friday (plug, plug -- you should try it if you
    don't have it):

    Greenspan Holds Match to
    Powder-Keg Market
    By Justin Lahart
    6/11/99 7:59 PM ET

    The coming week should
    probably be cordoned off with police tape.

    certainly looks dangerous enough. With the release of the
    May consumer price index Wednesday, Alan Greenspan
    speaking to Congress Thursday and a triple-witching
    Friday, we could be in for some rocky


    The way stocks trade from here to the Fed meeting
    will have a lot to do with how far Greenspan goes to
    clear the air. If he sufficiently maps out the Fed's
    current views on monetary policy, giving markets some
    sense of what (and how much) the FOMC may move rates,
    it could set the stage for the next leg up in the
    stock market -- either because the market perceives its
    fears are overblown or because Greenspan speaks to
    those fears. That could lead to the kind of
    capitulative selling needed to shake out weak holders and
    bring in real buyers. It may well be the former. There
    is a sense that the selling in the bond market,
    which has already priced in the Fed hiking half a
    point, is way overdone.


    Finally GFLinGA -- just make sure you have your valium
    ready. We're going to need it this week.

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