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  • dallass3 dallass3 Aug 4, 1999 10:53 PM Flag

    IMO stay away

    from spls. To much overhead, to many employees,
    profit margins to thin, can't raise prices. Probably
    will announce layoffs and cutbacks.

    I won't
    short it after the big declines but can't hold long
    either. probably a $20.00 stock for the next 2 to 3

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    • Must be due to the good WMT news (earnings were
      3c above). Hopefully that will slow the decline and
      turn it around. I am trying to figure out what to sell
      in order to raise more dough to put in this baby.
      Great strategy huh...? They always say to sell your
      losing stocks...but for some reason it always feels
      better to sell the winners (jdsu, txn, qcom) and take a

      Go SPLS

    • aggiedoc2:

      I'm with you. Notice that the
      same broker downgraded ODP and OMX "market perform".
      Think about what that means? If the market goes up,
      they go up or visa versa. The brokers just want to
      make a comment meaning nothing much. A bunch of
      On the other hand, the same broker grades SPLS
      "accumulate". So what does that mean? How can one accumulate if
      one has no shares? He would have to buy.
      Now we have 300 sh buyers who are down 5 pts. and
      screaming their heads off. Some of us have 1000 or more and
      have watched SPLS go up and down over the years in
      market action or reaction. There's a difference between
      investing and pot shotting. It's like signing up as a
      regular or being drafted for 2 yrs. But who knows
      anything about that anymore? When the going gets


    • you look up Downgrade in the dictionary, you will
      find the meaning in regard to Brokers,,, ==
      manipulation.Plain and simple this equates to a great buying opp.
      Like i said before, back up the land rover, truck,
      station wagon or whatever - and LoaDDDDDD up !!!!!

    • did my DD Looked at the 5 year chart, I plan to hold for at least 10 years....quit daytrading you fools and INVEST!

    • Just curious as to when this happened...Before of after market was in action?

    • Not only is staples a great buy right now...but
      others are also out of favor. WMT, HD, GPS are also
      starting to look good. It is a sector thing and not a
      company thing. Higher interest rates pull down retail
      stock temporarily...I bet by sept/oct we will be back
      at old highs and then some. :-)

      Gotta go with
      the beaten downs...drug stocks...internets
      :-)...Carriers (qwst)...retail!!

      Just my 2c on a quiet
      Friday afternoon. Can't wait for monday!

    • The site you are referring is displaying
      technical analysis of the stock only. I use Wall Street
      Analyst and if I were to evaluate this stock on that
      basis, I would receive the same analysis they portrayed.
      I ran this on my program and reached the same
      technical analysis per se. However technical analysis
      should not be used by itself as the only factor in
      buying or selling. Technical analysis reference does't
      reference any fundamental or current data or news. I do
      believe SPLS is a great buy and holding long.My
      evaluation is not based on Technical Analysis only. Good
      Luck with your trades.

    • I am going to try to post a link to a site called
      barcharts. I saw it on another Board and looked up SPLS. It
      says 'sell', but I'm wondering if this is all 'after
      the fact'? In other words, it seems to me that the
      'selling' has mostly been done; so shouldn't these charts
      say 'buy'? I hope it posts as a

    • tell us,,,, with all of your knowledge and wisdom...... What exactly does that garbage have to do with Staples!

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