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  • kippystrug1 kippystrug1 Sep 3, 1999 10:50 PM Flag

    SPLS longs.........stock

    marketpicks com had 400% gains with their last 2 stocks, 100% before that, worth checking out for free!

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    • Go to local STAPLES or on line and ask about their dividends program..........dmr

    • of stock just to get the discount.

    • For all you doom and gloom posters.Let me give
      you some firsthand info on SPLS that might be the
      reason why they and they alone are the only OP related
      co worth investing in.I work in the OP industry.I've
      dealt personally with many of the players.OMX,C
      EXP,BT,BOP.Although they are all difficult to land as customers,none
      is more ruthless and abusive to vendors.The
      paperwork should read at the top of every page "How much
      money are you going to give us beyond your asking
      price?"Their average vendor package is 20 pages long.In
      addition they have no reluctance in dangling out the
      opportunity to buy your products and make your company spend
      thousands of dollars in expenses for what amounts to a 5
      minute meeting with some MM who has already made up his
      mind not to buy your products.In short,they are
      heartless and soulless.I hate them with a passion for what
      they and their ilk have done to my once wonderful
      industry.PS....I tripled my position this past week when my limit
      order clicked in at 18 11/16 after Office Deephole
      reported.GO SPLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 2 Replies to broke_n_aero
      • just to glean some meaning out of your analysis
        of your "once
        beautiful industry", I presume
        you're describing MMs as marketing mgrs.? And further
        that SPLS is one tough cookie to deal with making them
        the top gorilla in the group? Therefor, their
        probable overall success ratio is well above their
        The beautiful industry you're talking about were the
        local stationary stores that have disappeared along
        with the variety stores and 5 and dimes with the
        advance of Walmart.
        SPLS new stores certainly look to
        me head and shoulders above ODP and OMX in growth
        areas in Northern California. When one walks in, one
        immediately feels the energy. After 50 yrs. of whsle/ retail
        sales I feel it.


      • To Broke: If it adds up to money for our hearts
        and souls...then GO SPLS! Your message was
        scary....but if they are making money.....well...we
        stockholders will have just have to live with green$$ hearts
        and $$$souls. Sounds like a company to invest in.

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