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  • kjr1234 kjr1234 Sep 17, 1999 12:57 AM Flag

    Short SPLS? Buy ODP? Comments?

    I am considering shorting SPLS with its PE of 40
    and PEG of 1.39. Then buying ODP with its PE of 16
    and PEG of .79. It seems that ODP and SPLS are almost
    identical chains. I never seem to remember which is which
    when I go buy office supplies. It also seems that
    either ODP is undervalued or SPLS is overvalued. Any
    constructive comments welcomed.

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    • My shot at breaking six figures came in the first quarter of 99. Did I make a bad move? The onlt bad thing about the move was that I didn't make it sooner. Like I said, been there....done that.

    • Once again you dwell on your past experience
      there. My good friend who works for their contract
      division has an excellent shot at breaking six figures
      this year(and I have seen the paychecks). This
      division is now running stronger than ever. I know it is
      hard to admit you made a bad move, but hey move on!

    • What division does she work for. SBA doesn't
      usually offer these types of incentives. They also do not
      pay real well. This segment has become a churner of
      humanity. You should check into the SPLS alumni club, which
      is quite large. Not alot of real nice things being
      said there. They do not care about their people and
      they do not treat them well. Been there....done that

    • My sister is a salesperson for Staples, calling
      on and opening industrial and business accounts. She
      did well, and won an award... 1 week cruise with
      other top sellers for the company. She really enjoyed
      her carribean Cruise, and is very loyal to the
      company. That seems to be the right approach... building
      satisfied salespeople who will continue to be motiovated to
      see the company grow.

      I've know office
      supply salesmen that made over $120,000 a year, because
      they had a major city's Public Schools, and some big
      business accounts. He was getting real rich. I don't think
      Staples pays that lucratively, but they pay well, and
      manage their people well. It is a well run company.

    • Usually market give a stock low PE for a
      namely stagnant prospect.
      sometimes the market is
      wrong, but usually there's a reason,
      at least until
      the underlying story changes for the

      Spls is a much better managed company than odp.
      might be slightly overvalued, but the premium is for
      its better growth rate.

      If you short spls
      now, you will be very sorry later.

      the PE is a trap, you couldn't just look at the PE
      nor the projected growth. It's hardly

      But one thing is sure, spls is better than odp anyway
      you look at it.

    • while SPLS is also overvalued. Buy OMX and ODP,
      and short SPLS.

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