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  • howshrewdcanibe howshrewdcanibe Nov 5, 1999 5:39 PM Flag

    My comment was directed to the vast

    outnumbering of blue arrows vs red throughout the
    day yet the price was down for the day. People tend
    to think in those cases that inst were buying and
    retail was panic selling, but on a stock with a cloud
    over it like SPLS, the shorts want to know they can
    easily exit on a moments notice. I guess you could say
    they are expressions of interest to buy, but in my
    mine they don't equate to a buy signal from a
    potential long who will hold and add to his


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    • do you live around fairplay we
      summer at trout
      creek pass we
      love it up there.We live north of
      and sure is nice getting away from the heat.
      made money with spls today.We trade
      spls 2 or 3
      times a day.

    • mr_garrison_from_south_park mr_garrison_from_south_park Nov 8, 1999 6:30 PM Flag


    • PLease. I have no fear whatsoever. I have
      invested a whole 100 shares below $18, and plan to make
      some spending cash here within a few weeks, if not
      days. If it goes to 15, maybe we'll buy another 100.
      Oooh I'm worried. People like you sit back and watch
      the stocks go down and up and never make a dime.

    • mr_garrison_from_south_park mr_garrison_from_south_park Nov 8, 1999 6:07 PM Flag

      Mr. G. knows SPLS.

    • You're absolutely right. he said "buy now! At $18! I'm never wrong! Put a stop at 17 7/8!!!"

      What an assface.

    • what about your call to buy at 18 1/16 that you posted at 11:18 this morning. Guess you lost about $1500 on that trade.

      You are full of it.

    • here in McAlester, OK. I shopped around for a new
      computer and got the best price on the computer, monitor,
      scanner, desk and chair at Staples. Also, they have the
      best selection of computer hardware and software. I
      have also noticed several new stores opening here in
      eastern Oklahoma in the last several months.

      anyone tell me how many new stores are opening this year
      and next year?

    • SPLS should see $20 very soon.

    • RESEARCH ALERT -- Staples recommended
      YORK, Nov 8 (Reuters) - DB Alex Brown said on Monday it
      recommends Staples Inc. (NasdaqNM:SPLS - news) as a growth
      prospect at reasonable price.

      -- The sell-off of
      Staples is overdone using any valuation metric, said DB
      Alex Brown.

      -- It said it is confident of third
      quarter 1999 forecast of upper single digit comparisons
      (8 percent to 10 percent) and EPS growing to $0.19
      vs $0.15.

      -- Staples' stock price is
      tumbling, leading to an unusually attractive valuation
      opportunity for investors, Alex Brown said.

      -- said
      Staples is trading at just 20.5 times its calendar 2000
      EPS estimate of $0.87.

      -- said Staples is also
      trading at a 12 percent discount to the S&P 500 despite
      its potential to increase EPS 28 percent annually
      during the next three to five years.

      -- said
      investors are concerned that Staples is showing signs of
      becoming an aging growth company.

      -- said growing
      competition among the big three office product retailers,
      Staples, Office Depot and Office Max, it fuels the risk of
      earnings shortfalls for Staples.

      -- said Staples'
      same-store sales growth slowed to 9 percent during the first
      half of 1999, compared with low teen comparisons
      achieved during the past five years.

      -- said
      Staples' same-store sales growth may fall short of the 9
      percent level in the third quarter 1999 to be released on
      Nov. 16.

      -- The ownership in Staples is
      shifting from a base of momentum portfolios to those
      seeking growth at a reasonable price, DB Alex Brown said.
      Stocks such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart languished during
      the mid 1990's for similar reasons.

      -- Staples
      shares were down 1/16 at 17-13/16 on the New York Stock

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