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  • amdhater amdhater Nov 16, 1999 12:28 PM Flag

    Earth to ANDY, Are you still here??

    Andy, whats up. Are you in or out?
    What's your next great purchuse.
    Have made a ton of money on spls.
    SHould I stay or should I go now.

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    • EVERYONE is allegedly going to cash in on the
      very thing youre discussing, Analyzer. Thats why Im
      dumping on first weakness in January.
      Thats what the
      institutions will be doing, suckering the small folk in and
      selling high.

      Everyone will "cheat" in early, but
      there wont be any pop to speak of in the market because
      everyone will be in already. Then the Mid-January selloff
      will leave the small guy holding the bag. The Y2K
      rally that wont deliver.


    • Some excellent points, and I ,too, view the
      coming turbulence as a great opportunity. One will need
      to be pretty nimble, but a great shakeout of the
      ignorant, fearful, and misinformed may soon be at hand...

    • shaken this is a great company with great companies sayiing buy baby good luck to longs

      and thanks for all letting me buy more at 24
      what a steal thanks in advance

    • While I agree that the show might provoke
      unnecessary fear in the general public, I really believe that
      the majority of the investment community, on average,
      are dealing with a few more IQ points. Moreover, for
      any small percentage of investors who are actually
      thinking of dumping all their shares on Dec 31, there are
      a much larger percentage of investors waiting to
      feast on their fear. I suspect we would see the biggest
      gap down and gap up recovery ever experienced, with
      explicit winners and losers. IF Y2K does have some impact,
      early January would be filled with panic selling, as
      people sell stock in companies without even knowing the
      extent to which they are affected. Again, a great buying
      opportunity of the mistakes of others. Although I don't plan
      to sell off shares explicity for Y2K, I am hoping to
      have some spare cash available IF something like this
      happens. In any case, I suspect I and many others will be
      extremely thankful for that thing called margin!

    • is it today???

    • ...Island has spls positive 1/16 as of last look.

    • SPLS up 1/8!

    • The greatest purchases lately is
      my co-worker

      She bought, get this, 10,000 shares
      of STMP at $30
      like one month ago.
      This baby hit $72 today. I
      her to quit and retire.

      As for SPLS, I
      don't plan on selling
      until it shows sign of

      So far, SPLS has not shown any sign
      of weakness.
      This pullback this morning
      was expected, since
      there is often
      profit-taking on good

      I did the math on SPLS this morning with
      from YHOO.

      52 week trading range - 16 7/16 to
      5-Year Growth - 28%
      Year End 2000 Earnings - 0.88
      Forward 2000 PEG - ~1

      A stock with 28% growth
      trading at
      roughly one times earning growth is
      cheap. Plus SPLS is a quality
      blue-chip. The chart
      also shows there
      is much more room to go. Four
      in the last two weeks with tremendous
      indicates SPLS has more upside.

      I will not sell SPLS
      until it shows
      sign of weakness or if I can
      another opportunity that is clear-cut
      above what I
      have with SPLS. I haven't
      found that yet, so I will
      hold on to

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