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  • mikehou1 mikehou1 Feb 2, 2000 3:38 PM Flag

    TO: Spammers

    I'm going to try something unusual. Usually,
    just tell Yahoo to delete these messages, but
    does not seem to work. Hey Spammers:
    cut the **it.
    Your approach does not work
    with serious
    investors, people like me
    with fairly good money to
    invest. Try some
    other marketing approach. Sending
    your stuff
    here only pisses people off. I am
    probably wasting
    my time typing this, but in the name
    your own time and ours, please cut it out. It
    wasting our lives.

    OK, I'm down with my
    semi-annual anti-spam message.

    Back TO spls: good day,
    glad I kep my core
    position, sad I sold half
    yesterday. I do
    think this stock is a good one to trade
    last 4-6 weeks, and unusual in that it is
    volatile (lately) than some of the
    high flyers that
    also have good trading profiles. As
    I said
    yesterday, looking to buy
    again if we do into the 23s

    To those of you truly interested in SPLS:
    the messages coming, maybe the spammers
    will go
    away, knowing we do not care about


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    • SPLS, I think, will double in price by end of
      2000. Tech.s will cool off and money will flow into
      retail... Also high economic activity will bring higher
      earnings to SPLS. Plus the financials look great.

    • I, too, hate SPAMMERS. Many of them are day
      traders just hoping to get a move up on a stock they must
      unload. I saw this sort of message (from a spammer) on
      seven message boards this AM and I, too am tired of
      their tactics. Why don't the lazy bastards go out and
      get a real job?

    • Nice to see some people still talking about SPLS.
      Dumped it at 26 the last time it went up and go back in
      at 23. Would like to see it break that 26 mark and
      stay there for a while. If not, may have sell for some
      profits and get back in again later.


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      • OK, I feel compelled to put my trading money
        my mouth is. I just bought back more SPLS at
        23 15/16.
        Dow down 100, no fundamental
        on SPLS. So, true to my posts, I bought
        some more
        back. Will add again below 23 1/2
        if we get there.
        My opinion remains strong,
        and ODP is also acting
        very well. Not
        sure when the breakout above 26 will
        but buying below 24 has been very profitable
        early December. SPLS's remains the leader,
        offers an attractive PEG ratio
        with relatively low
        risk, a good thing in this
        current market. I'd love
        to see someone make
        a solid case against this
        stock below 24, primarily
        for the sake of a good
        healthy debate
        and dialogue....anyone hate this stock


    • The spammers squat, spam and then leave this board for another board to do the same. Ever seen a dog along a pee street in the city?

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      • Yeah, I know, you're right. Oh well.

        made me feel better. Meanwhile, do you
        have an
        opinion on Staples stock, which
        others here may care
        about ?? I still
        think the stock, both for trading
        and LT
        potential, has profit potential. It has
        most wonderful of characteristics right now,
        it is mis-understood by the investment
        Also, as I said in another post,
        ODP, in the same
        category, is looking like it
        has rebound


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