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  • future2000usa future2000usa Feb 9, 2000 4:25 PM Flag


    Staples is to expensive ;the book value is

    omx book value 10$ and lower level debt and

    omx at 6.5,you will have 12 or 13$ in few months

    Staples from 25 to 50 is impossible ...

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    • SPLS is kicking it up a notch in the afternoon,
      while ODP is getting flooded with profit takers. I know
      we've got our own profit takers waiting to pound on us
      somewhere around 28, but we're holding our own so far today
      on decent volume, which is a promising

      Ice - my passion is flying. Unfortunately, this
      baby's got to get to 45 before I can even thing about
      getting my dream machine! Hopefully it'll get there while
      I'm still young, single and kid-less!

    • Good to see some biker's on the board. I'm trading my Low Rider for a Road King. Gotta live while I'm young, single and kid-less! HAHA!

      Have Fun.

    • Sorry, but Office Max is a Duh store. Try calling
      for information. Yesterday I called three times, and
      still could not get an answer to my question on DVD-RAM
      Media. Stopped in today to ask about the resolution of
      their color printing, and of course nobody knew what I
      was talking about. Call Staples and you get the right
      answer the 1ST time.

      • 4 Replies to ray15661
      • I shop at OMX, ODP, SPLS and CompUSA. It all
        depends on where you go as to how good the service is.

        My wife bought a Compaq at SPLS 2 mos. ago, and it
        was a circus. They all have 18-25 yr. old kids as
        their main employees and it's a crap shoot whether
        anyone can answer questions accurately or in such a way
        you are comfortable with their answers. That's just
        the business model that most of the big retailers
        have. Hire for the lowest price, teach 'em to smile and
        run the cash register, don't waste time teaching
        anything about products, and be sure to have plenty of
        applications in the stack after they go on to their next

        That being said, I own SPLS, even though I do more
        shopping at ODP for the sake of convenience and CompUSA
        for certain items because of price.

      • Here's a helpful stock site that specializes on finding companies before they go big: . I thought I'd pass it on, enjoy!

      • OK, enuf of the insulting side-bar
        On the trading/investing front, Staples
        looking good today, RTQ at 27 1/4 right now...
        I was
        considering taking a ST profit again on 1/2
        my position
        (see my posts the last month
        or so), and watching
        more...this stock has
        been so reliable between 22 and 27
        it's hard not
        to trade it. But, I must say that
        fundamentally, and my gut says we have more run-up
        now, so I am going to not trade right now on my

        existing range, and put off
        selling any shares until
        30...I may get caught
        in a retrenchment, but I think
        my confidence
        is getting high enough that I'll
        just buy
        more overall if we go back below 24 or

        how are the rest of you Staples hodlers seeing
        current action ??


    • Check out earnings growth for OMX and ODP
      comapared to SPLS. You'll see the definition of the word

      But definitely hope that ODP/OMX stock prices can
      recover. Any premium they get, SPLS will get more of. The
      leader was brought down by the dogs. If the dogs start
      to run, the leader will get that much more respect.
      Stick with SPLS. To think that either ODP or OMX can
      double given their earnings growth prospects but that
      SPLS can't double is foolish.

      There is only one
      alpha male, the rest of the dogs follow. Where do you
      really want your money in the long run? If you're trying
      to get quick gains here and there off pops, stay
      away from all three! Go for the internets...

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