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  • bigsamifan bigsamifan Mar 2, 2000 10:08 AM Flag

    What the hell is going on???

    we beat earnings and we're falling like crazy!!!!!!!!! Time to sell I guess

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    • I sold on the ride up yesterday afternoon just before market close. This ride down is almost 20% off of yesterday's 26.3125 close.

    • I warned this board several days ago that it
      would not be enough for SPLS to meet or just barely
      beat estimates. The market right now has no tolerance
      for anything from a retailer short of stellar
      performance as there are just too many retailers around with
      solid earnings and growth rates that are selling for a
      pittance. Although I know that SPLS is a great company,
      because the market has now gone raving mad (hopefully
      this is just temporary insanity), I believe that
      within two weeks this stock will be below 20 (and be
      much closer to 15 than to 20).

    • Your statement actually answers Pegasus'
      question. Since SPLS always meets or beats earnings by a
      penny, there can be confusion when they report earnings
      inclusive of .com operation (which estimates are not based
      on). This time around, overall earnings were .26, but
      retail & delivery earnings were .28 (which beats by a

      It seems like a lot of "investors" rushed to read
      the earnings report, and really had no idea what they
      were reading. They saw the .26 number and started
      running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
      That gave MM's the chance to take their shares at a 1+
      dollar discount at open. Once that happened, guys like
      you look at earnings, think they're good (which they
      are), but see the price down a buck and THEN think that
      somethings wrong - and then they sell! The spiral continues
      at the expense of sellers, and at the profit of MM's
      and careful buyers.

      Some of the dumbest people
      on the planet might have been selling at the open,
      but even more people have since based their own
      investment decisions on those people's actions! It's crazy.
      A person who follows a fool must be a greater fool.
      Don't be fooled.

      You have the numbers in front
      of you, you know about the company - have a target
      price for your investment and sell when it gets there
      (or revise your target price). Unless your target
      price was 22 1/2, I wouldn't sell today - and don't let
      actions of idiots force you to change your target price.
      Stick to your guns, bigsam! It's what separates
      investors from the guys getting massacred

      SPLS CEO going to be on CNBC in a few minutes. If you
      can, watch it - I'm sure you'll decide to hold your
      shares afterwards...

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