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  • theternal1 theternal1 Mar 2, 2000 2:05 PM Flag

    Sell your Spls

    and buy ODP. ODP good company with good
    multiples,and a great internet business.....I am sure you guys
    know all this. I feel like the love affair with
    Staples might be coming to an end.

    OK go ahead
    and beat me up, SPls longs...I don't blame you. I
    tried several times to buy Staples, but the dam stock
    is all over the place. ODP just looks better to me
    at this point for upside and better valuations.

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    • the "vision" thing. Follow the leader ...

    • I think we agree. Why are you saying my analysis is poor.If you look back at my message I'm defending Staples internet strategy.You must have misread.

    • Reason why SDOT is losing money at this time it
      ODP has been doing it for some time, and of course it
      is now profitable.

      SO WILL SDOT when the
      business is starts to take off. There is a huge market for
      ordering stationery over the Internet. And the business
      has just got started. Imagine if you were an office
      manager, wouldn't it be so convenient to order all the
      supplies over the Internet and have them delivered

      The question is not whether SDOT is profitable
      compared to ODP. The question is whether it will catch up
      and surpass ODP. And the answer is YES! Because SDOT
      has more competent and energetic management team !!

    • First of all, I am no redneck. And you, my moronic pen pal, should buy sll the ODP you can get your hands on because it will be a dead stock for many years....kind of like your mind.....

    • I know you rednecks don't understand hockey, but
      on a power play, one team has a manpower advantage.
      In the office supply world, SPLS has had an
      advantage from the time the merger was called off until
      now. If ODP's new stores contribute favorably to SSS,
      I believe the 2 companies will trade at similar
      multiples, and if e-comm continues at its current pace, ODP
      will surpass SPLS as the industry leader and trade at
      a higher multiple - whether SPLS comes down, ODP
      goes up or a little of both is unclear, but the last 2
      days portends good news only for SPLS shorts.

    • If ODP was a power play then it's multiple would be much higher...pretty fucking simple

    • Likewise & good luck.

    • I agree, right now,while Staples is just
      developing the infrastructure, they are losing, and
      considering their agressive plans for expansion, they will
      have a loss for a while longer. But, I also believe
      the management is wise in being agressive about
      this.Also, very wisely, they know that for at least the
      immediate future, brick and mortar is the way to go.I
      believe this is ODP philosophy also.
      We're just
      banging heads. Let's just conclude that you feel ODP is
      the better play, and I feel Staples will be the
      winner. Let's just see how it plays out. Good luck to you
      in your investments.

    • Still reiterate buy though.

    • Lets see if ODP beats that forecast. As for
      e-commerce, ODP's sales were about $130 million IN THE 4th
      QUARTER ALONE - about the same as SDOT did all year!!
      Increases were 338% for the quarter and 426% for the year.
      Now, when you're sales are that high, it's hard to
      keep up those lofty increases, so next year I expect
      SDOT's percentage increase will exceed ODP's, but bottom
      line: ODP makes money, SDOT loses it.

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